ROYALS vs Rangers-Game 1 Its About time...

  • Sorryso late butbeen busynall day & just finally booted up da puter, Duffster pitchin a 4 hitter into the top of the 6th & Cashner pithcin a 3 hitter… All tied at goose eggs. High time for someone to cut loose a dinger.

  • @globaljaybird I’m here. I see the run producers still haven’t found their bats.

  • This is a snoozer deluxe. 0-0 top of 10th & I woke up right where I left off cept Duffy’s been gone since the 8th. Still waitin for someone to hit that tater-I may just go back to sleep; everyone else is.

  • @brooksmd So dija win?

  • @globaljaybird Well if it makes you feel better, the jr Royals won down here tonite.

  • @brooksmd That’s what I wanted to hear.

  • @globaljaybird Has Mondesi played the whole game?

  • @globaljaybird You would think the league would know to get Gordo just throw him low and away.

  • Not feeling good about this one.

  • Nice comment about Esky from Rangers talking heads. Said he’s an excellent defensive player who is fun to watch.

  • @brooksmd Just got back from Rascals last call. Pitchers duel my foot. This is boring as heck.

  • Moss looked terrible that last AB. Took called 3rd strike with a man needing to be sac’ed to 2nd.

  • Unless reviewer has better camera angle I don’t think it’s conclusive.

  • @brooksmd Looks safe

  • Doesn’t matter anyway.

  • All that BS for a weak ass bouncer to the mound

  • @globaljaybird We went through this lack of run production last year. Was early like this or later?

  • @globaljaybird On the first pitch no less.

  • Excellent relief effort by Minor. Three innings, no hits, 1 walk and 2 strike outs.

  • it’s past my bedtime so someone needs to end this quickly.

  • Mondesi barely hittin a buck? Whit needs to get some action if ya ask me…

  • Would’ve kept Whit in the game for Mondesi after he ran for Salvy.

  • You can have great pitching but if your O can’t produce you’re SOL. GN

  • Well crapola-wasted pitching again & Ned can’t figure out a lineup change that’ll crack the damn nut. Gordo ain’t a leadoff guy & Mondesi sucks. Guess I’ll head to the barn myself pops. GN

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