Former KU Stars Missing NBA Playoffs

  • Wiggins, McLemore, Aldrich, Rush, Henry, Marcus Morris, Chalmers, Embiid, Robinson,and a host of solid or record setting former Jayhawks who could not even maintain a spot on a League team: Langford, Miles, Collins, Selby, Ellis, et al. A young kid’s dream of playing in the NBA is a distant chance thing; and even those who do arrive face the ultimate hoops challenge of helping their squad to a playoff opportunity. Lots of recent Kentucky greats sitting this one out, too.

  • @REHawk happy Easter!

  • At least Selden & Withey got playing time for Memphisto in their Gm1, although that team outclassed by Spurs. But Harrison twin isnt going to pass the ball to Wayne. Dont trust those Harrison twins, didnt like their spotty, selfish play at KY, neither did Calipari, who didnt want them back for yr3…

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