Congrats to Coach Roy!

  • Roy has done a remarkable job at getting great players and keeping them 2-3 years. He has a great blend of talent and always lots of long, athletic talent. He has done better than Cal (the king of OAD), better than coach K (who remains the gold standard), better than Izzo (great in the tourney and D), better than Coach Self (my favorite)…and all the others over the past few years.

    Roy’s teams the last two years were one long three point shot away from double back-to-back titles, like UF did a few years ago, very impressive. This year’s team had almost all the same players on the court as last year. Wow!

    And they did it without making threes. They did not need to shot well to win it all because they rebound, run, have length, play decent D (not outstanding but solid), have great bb players with bb bodies. And they play within his style and like each other.

    The man can really recruit and keep his guys and develop them too. He has a ‘player type’ which is fast, lean, long and did we say ‘fast’. He is not the best game time coach but he puts his guys in a position to make a play. and win. One and only one philosophy: go fast and if that does not work, go faster!

    He lets his guys play (three time-outs left in his pocket at the end of this year’s title game…while Coach Few called two crucial ones in the last minute and messed up his team’s rhythm and got nothing from ‘running his stuff’). BTW, our coach is the best for using time outs for his advantage I have ever seen: when to use them and out of bounds plays are great year after year.

    The bad feeling from some KU fans b/c coach Roy was at KU for 14 years and never won a title, and in 14 years at UNC he has now won three, is not fair to him and reflects a poor understanding of the game, and the man. Roy still loves KU and always will.

    I do not like coach Roy as well as I like coach Self, as a man of character, as a game time coach or as a representative of the, university. But the man can really recruit, pull those emotional strings and keep guys for 2-4 years… He is a great coach.

    I LOVE his model of TAD (two and three year players), less OAD and less transfers in and out of the program, very impressive. Of course, UNC wears a better brand of shoe 🙂 and maybe is not very rigorous about getting his guys to go to class…but he is not a sleaze ball or a poor coach at all. He loves his players like all the great ones do. He sticks to his style and to his guns. He is a winner. We are honored to have had Coach Roy for 14 wonderful years, and to hand the program to Coach Self in good shape (except for a few minor violations … boys will be boys).

    Coach Self will win at least three more championships over the next 14 years if he stays that long. He is a great HOF coach and is much younger than Roy. I am waiting to see if the more open style on O, longer quick twitch athletes, bigger guards, NBA talent surrounded by 4-5 year guys, playing Self D.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jayhawk-007 Of course it helps now that he recruits the entire country, unlike his days at KU when he wouldn’t go east of the Mississippi. What’s also amazing is he still gets top flight recruits in spite of the NCAA investigation hanging over UNC.

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