Big night for Frank Mason 111-BIFM

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  • 7 tonight, espn2


  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Cool pics. Given that Mason has won every other POY award already, it would be logical to assume that he will get the Wooden award as well. It would be difficult to justify giving it to anyone else since it would be contrary to what every other basketball organization believes.

    I can see Ball having a very remote chance since he is from California, where the award will be presented by the Los Angeles Athletic Club and the award is named after Wooden coached at UCLA where Ball played. Of course, after the latest comments by daddy Ball whatever good will was left is probably now gone. He said that…UCLA had too many white guys with slow speed to win title… You can’t make this stuff up. What is funny is that his son was the only one that looked slow, getting destroyed off the dribble for 39 by Fox. What is he going to do when his son gets knocked on his ass on a hard foul in the NBA…is he going to cry racism? Unbelievable.

  • Monk dropped 50 on ball last year in AAU ball. Defense seems to be pretty strong with that kid.

  • @bmensch1 ha ha

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thank you for the great pics, a very bittersweet night for some of us KU people, as final college-associated natl spotlight night for Frank Mason. Obviously his other huge day at KU will be graduation & walking down the Hill.

    I watched UNCs Berry save his team (from Justin Jackson) in the NC game & continually my mind kept drifting to FM3 in same situations, time & again over the last 4yrs. Self should have chucked conventional wisdom out the window of teamball, since team was dead, and just set screens & plays for Frank to keep scoring (only 4pts 2nd half). Oh well.

    My dvr is set for tonite

  • @ralster never be anyone more deserving!

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    Given that Mason has won every other POY award already, it would be logical to assume that he will get the Wooden award as well. It would be difficult to justify giving it to anyone else since it would be contrary to what every other basketball organization believes.

    I subscribe 100% to your logic. Had the other major awards been split between Hart, Swanigan and several other players, I could see the Wooden Award having a bit more intrigue surrounding it. But the fact that Mason has taken all the hardware thus far, in my mind, makes this year’s winner a foregone conclusion.

    Yes, the ceremony is in LA and Ball went to UCLA, and politics do come into play with these kinds of things, but should the Wooden committee give the prize to anyone else I think the world would have to question the logic and the sanity of its members. How could they possibly arrive at a different conclusion than every other media outlet? Quite “Frank”-ly, unless they want their award reduced to punchline status, it would behoove them to find in favor of our beloved Mr. Mason.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Lavar Ball nothing but a cheap PR, hype-machine for his son…the ploy worked enough to get the talking heads talking about Lonzo more.

    But the fact daddyBall is NO professional at anything, is now showing. Doesnt know when to shut up. May now cause anti-Ball voting, just because of his mouth?!

    And to think daddyBlowhard wanted to talk trash on MJ, one of the greatest trash talkers of all time, and who always backed it up. Which is a whole universe removed from what this Ball-parrot is capable of. My advice to DummyBall is to sit down, and before he cracks open too many Wiedemanns, to watch some videos of MJ. And think 3 times again if he really thinks he can hang with that…

  • Bacon Cheeseburgers for life.


  • Two awards will be presented tonight.


  • Got a question. Is it just me being in a paranoia mood OR does it seem that maybe that Frank is about to get screwed out of the Wooden award? - -I just got this weird feeling watching their lead in about the Wooden award and flashing Lonzo Ball and then the interview with Lonzo and the connection to UCLA that even though not worthy some how they going to give this award to him - -They better not. just a sick feeling hope it is paranoia. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


  • PG of the Year. One more award for a sweep.

  • Somebody tell a joke so BIFM will smile.

  • Interesting ESPN poll

    Who deserves to win Point Guard of the Year?

    16% UCLA’s Lonzo Ball

    13% North Carolina’s Joel Berry II

    5% Villanova’s Jalen Brunson

    57% Kansas’ Frank Mason III

    8% Gonzaga’s Nigel Williams-Goss

    13,713 Votes

    It’s looking good for BIFM

  • Here we go.

  • Pass out the Wendy’s!

  • Was there ever any doubt? Woooooo Frank!

  • Congrats Frank. Well deserved.

  • Another ESPN Poll…NICE

    Who deserves to win Small Forward of the Year?

    12% Oregon’s Dillon Brooks

    17% Villanova’s Josh Hart

    38% Kansas’ Josh Jackson

    27% North Carolina’s Justin Jackson

    6% Duke’s Jayson Tatum

    12,882 Votes

  • He looked humble to the end and glad to be out of the spotlight.

  • Frank did us proud!😍 Don’t want him to go! But want his dreams to come true! 🙏🏀🏀👨‍👦

  • “Don’t be a punk.”

  • @approxinfinity so frank!

  • OH YA - - -Clean sweep - -EVERY SINGLE ONE - -TOOK EM ALL - - - COUSEY - - & the COUPE - -DE - -GRA - -THE WOODEN - - Can’t do any better then that - - well deserved Frank - -simply the best, What a WARRIOR & as Frank says - -DON’T BE A PUNK - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Mason.jpg

  • Selfs soooo very proud!

  • Every time he mentions not winning it all when given an award feels like a vicarious kick in the nuts.

  • @approxinfinity He wanted it so bad. Congrats Frank on every major award. No one else at KU has done what he did in one year’s time.


  • With other star players that have come and gone I can say “go earn the big bucks” and it feels like a decent thing to say. With Frank it feels cheap because he was never distracted in the least, never wavered in his quest for a ring this year and still has not let it go. He recognized that this was his calling, to win a ring at Kansas. While other kids were chasing whatever on the team, he was chasing a ring 24-7 and his greatness was the byproduct of that drive.

  • He really emphasized Devonte!

  • Officially my favorite Jayhawk of all time (sorry Jacque, you’re no. 2 now)

    What a competitor! Nobody deserved to win a ring more than this guy and nobody gave it his all to win as much as this guy.

    From ‘No Rank Frank’ to the ‘Legend of Frank Mason’

    PS Does anybody feel bad for Towson as how they are brought up in every conversation about Frank? 😀

  • @Crimsonorblue22 he did. I’d imagine realizing Devonte felt terrible about the Oregon game probably was something Frank could focus on because life goes on, people are people, sometimes people come up short, time to move on.

    Devonte barnburner take no prisoners senior tour next year, a la Frank Mason.

  • @FarSideHawk lol. Yeah rough times for Towson basketball. Frank seemed to try to sidestep and not dog them tonight.

  • That’s just awesome. Mason is the epitome of what college basketball is and what all players should aspire to become. Nobody worked harder. Nobody is more deserving. We have witnessed the birth of a legend. Congrats, Frank!

  • How did all of the recruiting experts miss this kid.

    Find of a lifetime for Townsend.

    None of us will Forget Frank Mason III

    Right now, some young Jayhawk Fan is shooting alone on a court saying 3,2,1…Frank Mason for Thhhrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

  • @Blown thank you kurtis Townsend!

  • @Blown your boys!

  • Sorry JoJo White, sorry Aaron Miles, sorry Mario Chalmers, sorry Sherron Collins, Senior Frank Mason is the starting guard on my all KU team.


  • And now we know the rest of the story…

    Why Frankamp bailed.

  • @wrwlumpy I think they would agree.

  • This is basically unanswerable, but if Frank had gone to Towson instead, would he have won all these awards if he’d played there? Would any of us heard of him? I guess it’s possible, but hard to say.

  • @wissox no

    Hall of fame coach

    National exposure

    World class facilities

    Elite strength coach

    Outstanding peer leadership

    All factors

  • @wissox heck no!

  • @Blown said:

    Right now, some young Jayhawk Fan is shooting alone on a court saying 3,2,1…Frank Mason for Thhhrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

    And orthopedists are getting ready for an upsurge in treating all those coming injuries from would be imitators of his drives throwing caution to the winds…because few will have his toughness and determination off the court to ready themselves for on the court.

    Where is that video of his workout?

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