Oakland honors....

  • Oakland re-named their field in honor of Ricky Henderson. What a lead-off hitter he was. I wish I had a dollar for every time I cussed him. He could hit and hit for power. Run like a jaguar. Congrats to probably the greatest lead-off hitter there ever was and will be.

  • I hated the guy, but was he ever a good player. I hated him for his arrogance. When he broke classy Lou Brocks steals record they brought a mic out to the field and he said. “now I am the greatest”. At one point he had signed the largest contract in baseball and several months later was one upped by someone else. I forget if he was threatening to walk, or if he was just mad, but I saw Costas interview him before a game when he was mad and he was acting as if the A’s or Yanks or whoever had him at the time had enslaved him.

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