Thank you Bill Self

    • For helping Frank become the finest college player in America.
    • For helping Frank get a 4 year degree.
    • For helping Frank become a good man and father to his kid.
    • For helping Landen develop into a quality big with a solid post move and best FG% in the B12.
    • For never giving up or saying one defeatist thing when Udoka went down.
    • For giving an interview after a heartbreaking loss and conducting yourself with dignity, throwing no one under the bus, appreciating the efforts put forth on the other side, and helping me to get a grip and accept it.
    • For bringing Tyler on board these 4 years so that you could work your ass for this program and still help your son know you better and be close to you.
    • For recruiting likeable guys every year. Guys we can look forward to getting to know even when the finest KU point guard of this generation now must move on.
    • For being open minded enough to, out of necessity, turn your offensive philosophies on their head this year and allow the guards to be great. It is your ability to mask our weaknesses that make us all see our team as an unbeatable juggernaut each March.

  • Good post. Thanks for keeping our outlet open for discussing things far and wide!

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