February 1: News Headlines Digest

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    ##Young, overachieving UT awaits KU##

    Austin, Texas — Texas, which had some stellar basketball teams during Rick Barnes’ first 15 years at the Lone Star State school, was expected to be in all-out rebuilding mode for the 2013-14 season.

    ###KU basketball prepares for battle of bigs against Texas###

    AUSTIN, Texas — Through seven games in Big 12 play, Kansas has spent most of its time trying to chase down the smaller lineups like Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Iowa State.

    ###**Keegan: **'Horns will be fired up for KU###

    White hash marks painted on green turf don’t decorate all huge sporting events in Texas. Sometimes, the distance of the playing surface stretches 94 feet, not 100 yards.

    For the 25th-ranked Texas Longhorns’ basketball team, this is one of those times. They’re on fire, but the way the Big 12 shakes out this season, defeating Kansas University is the only way for anyone to gain serious credibility.

    ####Smith: Getting to know the Longhorns####

    Maybe we should have known Rick Barnes would have his Texas Longhorns right back in the thick of the Big 12 hunt this year.

    But after the Horns went 16-18 last season and lost in the first round of the CBI Tournament (yes, that is a thing; it’s a rung below the postseason NIT) it seemed easy to think Texas would spend 2013-14 rebuilding.

    ####Skretta: After rough start, Jayhawks flying high####

    Nonconference losses virtually forgotten due to dominant play in Big 12.

    ####Brown: Weekend Homework: A Texas-sized test####

    Texas is the anti-Kansas.

    Its roster is no longer led by uber-talented players labeled as can’t-miss NBA prospects. And the Longhorns have been better off this season for it.

    Also see our Daily Threads, February 1, and the News Digest for Yesterday, January 31, as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday, January 31

  • “I think he’ll be fine. He’ll practice (Friday), although he’s sore. But he should be full go.”–Bill Self quoted by JNew

    Inference: the knee is apparently injured to the extent of soreness and loss of stability requiring a brace, the knee apparently did not get better in the ISU game, the knee apparently probably will not get better in the Texas game, and he is apparently probably going to keep playing on it with a brace.


  • @jaybate 1.0 I read that too and had the same reaction. UGH! We know Bill is merciless about having his players play through injuries, but if there is first any chance that he makes it worse by playing on it and secondly any chance that rest will make him right again, I have to disagree on this one. It would be worth sacrificing a league game, even two, if it would ensure Embiid’s knee would recover. That’s how important he is to our national title hopes.

  • Got an emergency call to be out today so I’ve set 2 dvr’s for the game. If power goes out we’re screwed, but happened last week one day for about 5 hrs. Generator is not an inverter so won’t run the LED or computer on “unclean” power. Oh well, the bucket rats will take care of the details. At least I have the phone for updates. My prov does not carry espn 3. Thanks men, keep up the good work.

  • @jaybate 1.0 Hard to rest Joel with Black out. Two injuries at the same position is not ideal.

  • @ParisHawk - My thought was to rest him at home & let the backups get the confidence by winning without him vs ISU. Then again, maybe strategically is better to take the loss without him on the road…thoughts? Gotta go, keep me up to speed.

  • Joel will be fine. There is zero chance Coach Self would play him unless he believes he is fully fit to play.

    On a different note, UK is playing Mizzou today; talk about mixed feelings. Since both losing is not an option, I decided that Mizzou winning is the lesser of two evils; it gets us closer to UK in all-time wins and makes the SEC weaker.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I agree about Embiid. Conner is sitting, he’s upfront about that.

  • I noted with interest Turner’s comment on Self’s feedback on his attending KU if Embiid stays. It makes sense and I love Self’s honesty with recruits. I find these tidbits really fascinating since very little of those conversations come out since the coaches can’t comment. You always wonder how the coaches handle these uncertain scenarios…at least we know with this one instance. Clearly one of the reasons he is waiting is to see if Joel leaves or stays…probably waiting on other uncertainties also.

  • I wonder if Joel is joining this list: Kaun, EJ, Tyrel? 🙂

  • @jaybate 1.0 no!!! Did you see Embiied’s soccer moves during the game. I’m going to be positive!

  • @ParisHawk, tactically, yes, UT has some big horses and that is plausibly a reason for a story about how big UT is: maybe it creates a rationale in fans minds for playing Joel with a brace again, though he may not by game time have restored to 100% function.

    The story makes it sound as if Black may be being brought back into play, too, though the story does not appear to suggest that Black is very near 100%.

    Playing either player with injuries at the very least suggests Self prefers an injured Joel and Tarick, to a healthy Jamari Traylor, Landen Lucas, and Justin Wesley to carry the mail against UT’s bunch of Freshman. Too bad. I thought maybe our bench was a little stronger than that.

    But there is also a strategic issue here, isn’t there? Is it better to risk wasting Joel, or Black, by reinjury in order to widen a conference lead, or trust in their recoveries and strong play down the stretch to ice the current big lead with a title a little later and so have these players 100% for the Madness?

    Since the strategic approach seems best for a strong run in the Madness, plus offering a reasonable chance at a title, it seems possible that one opts for tactical advantage now, because one doubts that the injuries will heal sufficiently this season to attain the strategic benefit mentioned.

    I keep coming back to Self’s historical tendency either to: appear not to disclose some injuries immediately, or appear to understate them for extended periods.

    If Joel’s injury were in fact relatively minor, and he were in fact 100% capable despite being “sore,” it hardly seems like Self would mention Joel’s injury at all. Further, it seems Joel would not need a brace with 100% function restored, right?

    Players have worn knee braces and wraps and quilts, etc., since at least when I played back in the dark ages. I don’t recall a single player wearing those things and having his knee restore to 100% function. Nor do I recall anyone wearing such things when their knees were 100% functional. I know my sample is anecdotal, so maybe I have missed some.

    So: I still wonder what is up?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I hope you are right and my fingers are dutifully crossed.

  • @jaybate 1.0 maybe you can remember the ISU game on the road? I don’t think Tarik played much, he just doesn’t match up w/them. Now Texas has some big, slower, interior type players, which Tarik matches up with. It would have been a waste to put him in last game. I think because of fouls, our stable of bigs will be rotating a lot! We will know soon. Enjoying the Wisconsin game!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Spot on. It’s all about match ups. Tarik’s game indeed does not work well against fast forwards the extend the field and can make 3s. We had the same situation a couple of years ago with Withey and MU, who would play a 4 guard lineup that made Withey and to a lesser extent even TRob ineffective. Tarik is a slow, inside banger with no outside game and no speed to chase mobile players. As Coach Self said, he could have played against ISU but it would have been a nightmare trying to chase Niang.

    As per Jesse Newell:

    “Self said Black scrimmaged against teammates during Thursday’s practice. “He looked the best he’s looked so far,” Self said.”

    Today’s game is different, Texas has some big bodies up front and play the type of game where Tarik can contribute; it should be a good test for our own front line. Having all players available would be great, but again, Coach Self will not play any one he thinks is not physically ready to play.

  • @JayHawkFanToo well, spoke way to soon about enjoying the Wisconsin game! Now I’m anxious to see the Marcus smart show.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Im watching UK/Missou right now. WOW MU is coming right back at them. 5 point game, now 4 point game. Hate Mizzou but love to see Kensucky get one more loss. KU is catching up! I think we are down 8 in the all time wins

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Was Tarick wearing a boot because of the match ups?

  • Live blog is up for those who’d like to join in …

  • This was a tough game to watch, KU got beat at its own game. Hope that boys will bounce back on Tuesday.

  • I apologize. This loss was my fault. Our power was out all day and is still out and I’m sure the 15 point beat down was because we watched the game at the in laws.

    In seriousness I’ll keep this short as phone is about to die.

    If anyone can post the stories great. If not I will do it when I can.

    Our passing game was sticky. Naadir looked awful. Mason was a spark. I just want Embiid healthy. Hell with this game. See you in Lawrence Horns. Hope we don’t drop another to Baylor. But if we do let’s at least not let our offense look so lethargic and pitiful. We didn’t lose this game just because Embiid was a step slow.

  • Embiid played only 25 minutes against long and strongs in a big game and had only two blocks. Fouled up? Some. But all that awesome quickness and footwork, plus all that fluid speed was gone and except for a couple plays he wasn’t clearing the floor by more than a few inches. He is game and a great competitor, but much of athleticism is compromised.

    Black? He only played a few minutes against matchups we needed him for.

    Inference: these two guys are significantly limited by injury.

  • TX exposed KU weakness - match up problems against long, athletic guys, recall games against Florida, SDSU.

    Our guys have not figured out how to play against these L&As and look very soft in the process.

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