I'm here to tell you

  • Well you know, I’m here to tell you, well for one if ANYONE anywhere says they predicted that kind of a victory a 32 point blow out, I’d be telling them to come to confession, and I’m going to be the pope tommorrow too lol. There is NO WAY I seen that coming and I truly believe nobody could say they seen that huge of a win coming either.

    Mercy, I’m telling you these guys are on a roll, there are times and alot of times last night we look really good. Scary good, If we continue to play like this it is going to be really hard for someone to beat us. - -Now could we come out this next game and be flat, play poor? sure we could, but anybody can, I’ll take our chances the way we are playing. I may be wrong but I’m really not scared of anybody at this point, I was more nervous last night, might be looking at things wrong but actually I’m not as worried about Oregon as much as I was Purdue last night - - mainly because o match ups. - -I just felt Purdue would cause us more match up problems with their combo of their Bigs and outside hitting the three.

    Have to give huge props to the way our guys got after it defensively. - -I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - - -there is just something about this team - -they just don’t seem to ever panic, I mean maybe that’s from playing so many close games and winning those games - -they have this toughness - -which I think is from Frank rubbing of on the other guys. I think we all know some whee along the remaining 3 games should we continue to win, which we got really good shot, but if we continue to win, I feel there will be one of those close tiht games, where us playing so many can’t do anything but help us.

    One other thing about these guys - -this year, with the way we are playing, looking you just HAVE to believe like anothe friend of mine was saying This can’t do anything but help us in recruiting right? - -I mean seriously, if your a recruit and you see this on TV, how we run, how were playing - -Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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