Kevin Harlan is a genius

  • Did anyone else hear Kevin Harlan say, Cassius outside, how bat dat? Its at the 6:24 mark left in the first half. Cassius just drained a 3. I am watching it again on Youtube and did not hear this the first time, all good things come from Ku, thank you Kevin Harlan! If you dont know what this means, google cash me outside girl

  • @Jayrawks1 hahah yeah i died laughing when watching the game on Sunday

  • The power of white trash. I can’t believe she’s making money off of being trashy. One of Vick’s exes?

  • Truly one of the worst internet sensations yet, however, you know Harlan was hoping all game Cassius makes a 3

  • I’m on the downhill side of 50 and have no clue what you guys are talking about!

  • @wissox just some young girl on Dr Phil who made a catch phrases famous using the words “catch me outside how bat dat” and for some reason it went viral, for no good reason. Now people say it all of the time either to imitate, make fun of or to just be stupid. To hear Kevin Harlan be on the up and up on something so trivial as this young lost teenage girl was just pure genius to me.

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