KU v. PU: Junk Zone Time for Both Teams?

  • Two superb outside shooting teams do not at first seem suggestive of junk-zoning.


    The Swanigan-Jackson match-up discussed extensively on another thread triggered a thought.

    Both teams could see each of their guys in this matchup get fouled up, if they solely play m2m.

    Then what do they do?

    Self’s 3-2 junk zone is ideally suited for KU to play Purdue. They will go inside first every possession. Self can play it with Josh and when he rests Josh. It means backside help for Josh on a big inside. It means our perimeter guys stretch and matchup 23-26 feet out. If we keep switching m2m to 3-2 zone, back and forth, they have recog problems. It works with Coleby and Bragg, when Josh sits.

    Only problem is, the 3-2 junk zone is even more perfect for Purdue to guard KU with.

    This could be a real game of wits if both teams mirror each other this way.

    The balance-breaker could be KU with 10 min. to going to a press to speed up Purdue.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Yes I agree. I recommended switching between man and zone on the other thread, as it would hopefully make Purdue stand around a bit and make them think. BUT save the bulk of the wrinkles for the second half. Keep it close then go all out if need be.

    I like the zone because, as you said, there is a second man behind Biggie. If Josh/Svi/Lagerald front the post, Landen or Coleby can be behind Biggie, thus eliminating the post entry. Something I remember from the Kentucky game is Landen playing higher up in the lane making it more like a 2 - 1 - 2 zone. That pretty much eliminates the high post from being wide open and Biggie having an open 15 foot jumper.

    You may be right about a zone working better for Purdue than for us. However, Frank is one of the fastest players in the nation and should be able to break a zone down if needed. That is one of the most crucial aspects of winning in March - you have to have a player that can go get a bucket at any given point.

    If this team had another fast guard, I wonder if Bill would press more often. Frank and Devonte are great at pressuring the other team in the back court - Devonte in particular is capable of pick pocketing at certain points, and Josh’s length helps him to get out in passing lanes. I would say only press if need be.

  • @HawkChamp

    Sorry I missed your comment on the other thread. Glad you weighed in here, too.

    Agree the move of Lucas forward could help.

  • @jaybate-1.0. I start licking the chops when other teams zone us. I think we have the best zone busting system in the US of A. Great ball movement., stellar passers, great trifectanators, excellent pickers, and super slashers. Please oh please zone us purdue.

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