Ok, now guys

  • Ok. Guys I’m going to be as respectful as possible here, but I mean seriously does ANYONE after watching this game, does anyone not feel we better win the game against UC Davis comfortably? - -I mean trying to see anything to worry about in the least, I don’t know could be first game tournament jitters but looked pretty shaky.

    Pretty loose with the ball, some pretty ugly shots, - I will say the Moeneke kid was pretty fair player, but let me try to be as nice as possible but Josh should have a hay day, Frank should have a hay day, but let’s hope the team is not like me - -still take these guys serious.

    The last thing I would say is that hopefully we cold have a comfortable enough lead - -get our starters out - -rest them a bit, give Bragg, Colby , Lightfoot some tourney playing time to help in case needed later down the line, give them some tourney playing time. - -just hopefully get through this game without injury, Again I really not trying to disrespect UC Davis but I just don’t see anything to worry about period. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • When watching it…I kept thinking Tyler self would start for davis. Looks like a cruising 25 point win. I just want devonte to only play 25 minutes and just keep suckling down the gatorade. With the extended layoff, I have a bad feeling the case of his leg cramps are going to come back.

  • They don’t seem to have great guard play, 19 turnovers. Their big could have a nice game because that’s what we have allowed all year. Baring one of their guards going nuts and dropping 30 I’d say they have a slim chance. Going forward from the first round we must show pride on defense, rebounding (shooting was big vs Nova but the offensive rebounds late were killer) and the whole team has to show up, our bench was outscored 31-3 vs TCU (Ik we didn’t have JJ but still pathetic).

  • @bmensch1 I just didn’t see anything did you? - - The big thing I’m hoping for is no injuries. - -I truly feel and not trying to knock UC Davis but I really feel if we don’t take this game by 20, well lets put it this way it should be 20 I would think - -give these guys some rest for Sunday. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The only like opponent we had with UCD was Long Beach State. They each won their home games against each other, both in overtime. Both games played in Feb. We crushed LB State way back when in AFH. Sure hope the guys do not get over confident. Agree we should get to play a lot of our bench. Stay injury free and rested. ROCK CHALK!!!

  • @kjayhawks Your right, there Guard play seems ummm kind of shaky. - -I mean you watching - -just overall game, there was plentiful loose ball handling at times - -a lot of times , - - helter skelter , - - some really bad shots - - ugly shots, just overall not good. - -Now it could be I surpose be attributed to 1st game jitters - -but for the entire game? - -I’m just not seeing it. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Big-Clyde52 Exactly. - -That’s the big thing - -stay injury free. - -Give the others guys some tourney time - sit Frank & Devonte - -Give SVI a chance to continue to work his way out of his slump. - -True again Just don’t need the guys getting to cocky, play their game we should be fine Friday. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 if this were after a loss and self wanted to make a statement to his players to ball out…then this is a kentucky full press for a Ashley Judd kind of game where KU wins by 50 and drops a 110. But this is survive and advance. Get up by 20, 25…sit frank or devonte at any time. Tell frank not to drive. Let svi and vick practice their threes on kick outs. Post Jackson because those dudes will hack the shit out of him. Let bragg and Landen get their mojo goink on the block. Play D. With davis inept 3 shooting, I would hope for the 3,2 zone.

    If the lead gets down to 18…have frank and Josh do their thing…just a cruise game.

    Complete side note: Over/under of dunks in the 1st half I would say should probably set at 7.5.

  • @Big-Clyde52 I knew we played a team just like the davis team I saw tonight. I was thinking siena…but you hit it perfect…long Beach state.

    Good recall. That’s been bothering me for the last hour.

  • @bmensch1 Ya I’m going to have to look at their rooster, I don’t think they have much height, I think they said Moeneike was like what 6’6, that’s not going to get it Friday ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Ok, checked Roster. - -pretty small, just like we saw. - -White 6"4 - -Schneider 6’3 - -Moneka - -seemed like their main player 6’6 - Henn - -6’8 but played little. - -Onyebalu - -6’3 & Graham 5’10 .

    Stats not impressive -70 ppg. - -36 - -rpg - -6 - -steals per game - -43 % fg - -66.5 free throw % - -& 35.4 % - -3 pt shooting. - -there you have it. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 both teams shot terribly tonight. Moneke is a pretty good player - I believe tonight was his 14th double double.

    I agree with @bmensch1 - no need to use too much energy on Friday, only enough to secure a win. I could care less about margin of victory (as long as it isnt a nail biter of course). A win is a win in the tourney. Survive and advance.

  • @HawkChamp

    They have 2 6’-8" players that do not play much and one that does. They do have 6’-3" Siler Schneider from Lansing Kansas that played 17 minutes and below average stats. Lucas should have a relatively easy time.

  • @HawkChamp Yes he does seem like a pretty decent player, just really doesn’t have much to go with him, as far as hoping to advance in the tourney. - -A lot of the shots he was able to get tonight - -may not be able to get those shots or as clear against us on Friday.

  • @jayballer54 Also need to watch out for 6’ 4" guard Brynton Lemar. He can get hot sometimes. He has went for 25+ several times. Seems kinda inconsistent, but we know how guys can go off on us. ROCK CHALK!!!

  • @Big-Clyde52

    Hey…that is a tradition at KU and a perk we extend to a player from lesser teams regularly…can’t really go against tradition…😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yeah I know. That is what keeps me awake at night. We seem to want to make a run of the mill player look like a first rounder in the draft. We need to stymie everyone and not let someone get their confidence going. ROCK CHAALK!!!

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