Praise the Basketball Gods, we lost the Conference tournament

  • !

    I always secretly hope we lose the first game.

    Why? Because…

    We get the tourney money. We get the rest. We avoid injuries.

    Now, if we can just get a 2 seed in the Carney West, then we’re gold for the FF.

    A 1 seed any where just means entertainment values put the second sand third best EST teams in our path. An asymmetric whistle appears to do the rest.

    In the West, we can stay under the radar and maybe catch the good EST team’s early in a neutral whistle venue where they are despised. Then it’s Self vs Stumpy and we hold a coaching edge, if we are also hot.

    The only problem is: we proved how vulnerable we are, when fouled up, or injured.

    We are NOT a dominant team.

    We ARE a skin-of-our-teeth team.

    We are a keep-it-close team.

    This is 2012 from three.

    Think of Josh as fouled up, or injured, instead of suspended a game.


    We. Are. Thin. Too!

    But it’s Carney time.

    And anyone that plays fair in a Carney is a sucker asking to get clipped at ring toss.

    Self may have made not just right move for Josh’s character development, and for society–he may also have made the smart move suspending Josh BEFORE an apparent Carney. .

    He may have gotten this team the rest and healing it needed.

    Way to go, Coach Self.

    “Never give a sucker an even break!!”–Otis Criblecoblis

    Or an apparent Carney operator.

  • One qualifier: unforeseen consequences.

    But you get those even if you do nothing.

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