Some Game Day Dashes and Dots

  • Remember Morse Code? Dots and dashes? Public schools once taught us about Samuel F. B. Morse’s contribution to the US WAR OF THE WITHDRAWAL, ER, CIVIL WAR–back when I was a kid. Every kid in my neighborhood used to try to learn Morse code and fail to, and instead walk around imitating the sound of Morse code key operation. We imitated the dee-duh-dee-dee sound we heard in old Saturday morning Westerns we loved, but did not then appreciate the admirable moral truths that were wrapped inside the farcical historical misrepresentations of old oaters. Here follows some basketball Morse code…

    Will dragging that numb leg limit Frank’s driving AND his 51% trifectation, or will Super Frank respond to treatments, hyper heal and continue his incredible season? Head says here comes the slump. Heart says Frank becomes a legend and shoots his way to a championship.

    Without Sessions, can Trump continue rumored Rope-a-Dope and pedo sweep for Deep State informants to use to take down Deep Staters? If the Deep State doesn’t get Trump by the rumored planned summer economic meltdown, will private prison over-crowding of Deep Staters ensue coincident with an Iran War? Or are we in retreat to a defensible position behind THE WALL?

    Will Svi stop thinking too much as Self reputedly advises him to do, or will Svi instead begin thinking too much about thinking too much? A break out game in the B12 Tourney could really prime him for a strong March Carney but will it happen? To Svi, or no to Svi, that is the question.

    Speaking of the Carney, WHICH team would be the toughest FInals match up? I pick UA. Size and talent on the perimeter. Like to play at a good clip and Stumpy’s guys like to mix it up some. More depth. And UA has some length inside. It would be a great game. It’s that kind of year. Even Stumpy has to be given his due, when there are no long stacks anywhere.

    Who would have thought Melanie Trump was reputedly worth more than Donald Trump? That could get interesting down the road if the tax returns finally get subpoened.

    Without KU basketball, would the Big 12 rank as a Power Five conference in D1 sports overall? The B12 does appear to get asymmetrically marginalized on most issues, but at this point, the apparent marginalizing seems to have taken its toll. Is the Big 12 a football power? A track power? Baseball? Tennis? Golf? Curling?

    The B12 north and the Big Ten need to merge to form the Big Great Lakes Mega Region conference and so become the biggest dog in the pack. If the regional planners get it, surely two dozen university chancellors can.

    Allen Field House. Naismith Court. The Sports Hall of memorabilia. The practice court. It’s all a complex. Name it “THE BILL SELF BASKETBALL COMPLEX.”

    Today’s game is meaningless for both teams and that’s what makes it so important. It’s pure basketball without all the horse excrement stuck to the “meaningful” games. It’s about who wants to play and win for the sheer love of it. It makes me think Josh will show up for it big time. He clearly loves the game.

    The next time I hear one true word from the MSM I am probably going to go into shock. They even appear to lie about the weather. They never report that the cloud seeding by chemtrails should give us a 70% chance of rain in two days!!!

    Landen is the key! Can he find a way to hold his own without a thumb? Try living a day without one of your thumbs. But Tape it. Don’t cut it off.

    And let’s pray KU has been selected among those receiving apparent, favorable asymmetric seeding and whistles.

    Rock Chalk!

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