Some PC Ways to Say a Coach S-u-c-k-s

  • He blows inwards with lips pursed.

    He vacuums orally.

    He creates lower atmospheric pressure inside his mouth than out.

    He breaths deeply while maintaining a bilabial seal.

    He gives good brain case.

  • Thou Bloweth, Not.

  • Yesterday Oklahoma was sucking and Nebraska was blowing. Here I was stuck in the middle with some terrible wind.

  • If he sucks just call him…Hoover.

    If he sucks and blows call him…Shop-Vac.

  • @Blown


  • Or, “He’s a coach of a top program and we have varying degrees of jealousies or insecurities, or we simply dislike anything that challenges Kansas’ place in the CBB hierarchy, so we feel better about ourselves if we demonize the offending coach.”

  • @HighEliteMajor I understand your perspective and the point you are trying to illustrate. However, being superior at your professional craft does not mean you don’t suck as a human being.

    Another example:

    O.J. Simpson–Hall of Fame football player. Sucks.

    I’m not agreeing, nor disagreeing that Pitino sucks. He’s obviously an outstanding college basketball coach. It could be argued that he did suck as a NBA Coach.

    Guess it is all about from which perspective you want to approach it.

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