Good to see

  • Really enjoyed re-watching the game from last night, always nice to be able to watch a 2nd time and know the outcome. - Got to say I know I’ll neve see anything like this again in my lifetime. something special with this team, seems like they have a really tight bond - with everything that has taken place off and on the court, maybe they taking an approach of US against the World - -as in media and haters and such. These guys just don’t quit. I have to admit I thought oh HELL NO when Josh went down last night. Didn’t look good for a minute.

    I have to say I have to give big props to Carlton , last night. - -The energy he brought last night, he really WAS our eneergy early last night in the 1st half and just carrried through. - -I think by far his best game of the season, Fifthteen points, Seven rebounds , Three blocks very nice to see, we needed it. - -Just think if he can have any kind of resemblence like that the remaining of the season, will help alot, just addds another piece if we can get some production out of him. - -Last night was not a good night for Landen, so made it twice as important for Bragg to achieve what he got done, went to the boards, just played aggressive, good to see,couldn’t be happier for him - -let’s hope it continues. - -UMM FOURTEEN anyone? - – - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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