The evolution of Josh Jackson

  • We’re 27 games into the season. Thought I’d break the season down into 3 ‘seasons’ to see how JJ has evolved. (sorry if the formatting is off,

    50-95FG 5-19 3’s 26-45FT 55RB 32A 10B 15St 26F 21TO 131PT

    55-98FG 4-19 3’s 28-48FT 67RB 24A 16B 13St 30F 21TO 141PT

    65-123FG 16-32 3’s 28-51FT 65RB 24A 6B 19St 27F 31TO 175PT

    My for what it’s worth analysis. Improvement is obvious. But as he has taken on more scoring he has gotten careless and turned it over significantly more.

    I did this little (time consuming!) activity because I wanted to see if the improvements that he’s seemingly made were backed up by numbers. I think so. He’s a phenomenal player that has exceeded expectations on my part and we look forward to the results from the last 13 games of the season.

  • Great post and research! And perhaps most key, is what’s driving his ready-right-away playability: he’s got a fiery competetiveness.

    And unlike other McDAA’s, his game translates to the next level (college from quite well.

    Love his fire and competetiveness. His hammer-dunk in traffic on that assist from Frank against Baylor (KU’s final FG) simply epitomizes everything about Josh.

    God I’m going to miss this kid. Never had an OAD that made a veteran team more dynamic and actually function better. The closest McDAAs were Sherron and Rush, but they werent OAD.

    6 weeks left for Mr. Josh Jackson.


  • @ralster It’s been really interesting as I watched (in person many times) maybe the most pro ready player out of HS last year in Ben Simmons. And if I had to pick between the two it’d be a no brainer. JJ all the way. Now, if Ben had a coach who was a motivator like K or Izzo or Self, he’d have been unbelievable last year. But Ben didn’t have that fire. I never saw it in his face like I do JJ. You’re right, he’s a transcendent player who is the type that can win a championship. And he’s not even having the best season on the team!

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