Third Conference Loss

  • We usually get at least three. Who ya got? My money is the Okie Lite roadie after the conference has already been clinched.

  • @BShark Okie State has been playing a ton better than when we last saw them in AFH and we all know how Self likes to give OSU one resume building win lol. I’m just ready for the TCU game, one at a time fellas.

  • Not sure if the conference’s SuperiorPurple (#Frogmen attack, #BewareoftheFrog) can battle KU like WVU or IowaState, but then, with Jamie Dixon, maybe they can.

    When the Phog clears Wed nite, who’s going to be left holding the Mason-Dixon line?

  • OkieState is a very efficient offensive team. I saw the first half of them AT wvu, and it was see-saw, they were down 1-2 possessions, then I didnt see the end, and obviously they beat Huggy in Morgantown, which says a lot to me about their beliefs, their perseverence, toughness.

    And Brad Underwood has the meanest sideline hawkish glare this side of Frank Martin.

    Dont know about OkieState’s depth. Some key fouls on key guys could change the game significantly against them.

  • I would seriously doubt if KU+Frank+Josh+Devonte go down to Texas and lay an egg against Shaka. I mean KSU just beat them down there! Self wont allow KU to lose to Shaka, at least not yet in the “rivalry”.

  • We win out

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