LSU's Johnny Jones Having Kind of a Tough Season: 1-13

  • Sometimes its best not to get any stack at all.

    Last season .600 Johnny got an apparent stack, but did little with it.

    This season?


    No apparent stack and 1-13.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Feed, feed, feed Simmons last year–at the expense of team development, and now he’s left with a team that didnt learn how to distribute, attack weaknesses, etc. 1-13 in that league means piss-poor coaching. Put Self or even Greg Marshall in charge of LSU’s roster back in October, and I guarantee you they would be better than 1-13. Brad Underwood, Chris Beard, Jamie Dixon, hell even Weberdowndraft might do better than 1-13.

  • @jaybate-1.0 They actually have some talent, top 50 type kids like Brandon Sampson and Antonio Blakeny. They’ve got a big numbers guy in a JC transfer named Duop. They should be better than they are. But they beat Missouri handily, so how bad are they, not that we care or anything.

  • @ralster

    Sign Board Forehead Marshall would be a great fit for LSU, but the Kochs seem pretty committed to the Shocks. Not sure anyone could pay him enough to get him away from Chita State. Heck, the Kochs may be thinking of creating a new cabinet level Secretary–the Secretary of Petro-Sports. There seems to be a need for a cabinet level sports secretary. Our country will increasingly need a global and national sports policy and maybe even a doctrine, or two, now that sports shoes and apparel are huge consumers of petroleum and likely to grow exponentially greater in petro-consumption. I mean, we’ve got an Exxon-friendly president. Shouldn’t POTUS Trump establish a strategic petroleum reserve for sports, too? We can hardly afford to run out of shoes and silks for our jocks competing in sports that literally drive one of the biggest enterprises on the planet–sports gaming. Sports and sports apparel and petroleum refinement for sports apparel and sports gaming are four of the few sectors we still dominate in the global economy. Who knows? Marshall may be being groomed for first Secretary of Sports. War as usual is the biggest bidness with the Pentagon and the Rothschild’s Crown of Great Britain dominating global force structures and nukes for now. And high tech/finance (Gates, Brinn, Bezos, Ellison) vs. energy/real estate/gaming (Mercer and Adelson) could really use a fourth sector to keep them all balanced. There’s a triad right now. But why not spin petro-sports/petro apparel/gaming into a fourth cornerstone of the grand illusion of global order? Quaternities are sometimes thought unstable, but they have an enduring elegance about them that the triangular and pentagonal orders have always lacked. Anything is possible in this crazy world right now, it appears. :bowtie:

    But back to LSU. It appears LSU has never really committed to the game with the round ball; perhaps that’s why .600 Johnny endures, despite the 1-13. With .600 Johnny as their basketball coach, perhaps they feel they have met their equal employment opportunity obligations and feel free to hire whomever they want for football? Or maybe .600 Johnny with the remnants of an apparent medium stack is a great coach just having a little tough luck? Or maybe LSU is just a very dysfunctionally presided-over (chancelled?) university and athletic department that can’t make a good football, or basketball, hire independent of “the racial.” Whatever, it will be interesting to keep an eye on.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I wonder if the Koch bros are 2nd guessing their decision after marshas lil (huge) fit in Canada last summer. Don’t think it surprised other conferences. Marsha’s a bit concerned about getting an at large. One bracket had them first 4 out. They are ranked 25.

  • @ralster I think Marshall has the same decision that Bill Snyder had at KSU after his first hand full of seasons. Stay and be a god but most likely never win a NC or leave and go to a place where you could recruit to content for a NC. I wouldn’t say I’m a Marshall fan but I do respect him as a head coach and think WSU will be a contender in the Valley as long as he is there. Living just an hour away from Wichita they have been exploring adding back football and if they were smart they would do it now while the BB program is bringing in tons of revenue. So they can join a big boy league, I think the Valley has gone down hill since Creighton left.

  • @kjayhawks the valley is crap💩 Amazing why a decent coach would be satisfied staying there🤔?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Money Talks friend. I believe Marshall is the 10th highest paid coach in all of college basketball. He makes more than NC coaches Roy Williams, Kevin Ollie, Jim Boeheim and Jay Wright, which is crazy for a mid major.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You just answered your own question. He’s NOT a decent coach. He’s what @drgnslayr’s wife would call the “P” word. He’s a big, slimy carp in a small, stinky pond. If he’s really making that much money, he will probably rot in Wichita for the rest of his career. Which is good - he and Wichita deserve each other.

  • @nuleafjhawk Lol funny but I not sure how you wouldn’t consider him a decent coach. There are a lot of good coaches that have never made a FF. We may never know how he wow do at a big time school but he is currently on the greatest run in WSU history with 6 straight NCAA appearances and in control of their 4th straight conference title.

  • @kjayhawks He’s a snake oil salesman. How many wins do you think he’d have in Allen Fieldhouse (as the coach)? Actually, how many wins do you think he’d have in the Big 12?

  • @nuleafjhawk Well as much as I hate to say it he’s 2-1 vs the B12 @ WSU. Do think he could win the B12 consistently probably not but I think he’s a solid coach. I’m okay if you dislike him but not sure where you could come up with that he isn’t a decent coach. I hate coach K but he’s one of the best coaches. Opinions don’t negate facts but facts negate opinions for logical folks.

  • @nuleafjhawk Living in Wichita, and regularly watching KU games, KC games, and WSU games, I would characterize Marshall as a very good coach, but only an average recruiter. This, to me, is why he avoided the UCLA offer–his recruiting would have gotten exposed. No way he brings in a guy like Lonzo Ball.

    He has given WSU a Final 4 appearance, and they truly were a contender that year, although their post presence was mainly only 1 guy, plus a swing 3/4. Personally, I think Marshall’s philosophy on both ends of the court is incredibly similar to Self’s. Its just that Self gets better athletes and better finishers, and usually better bigs. Getting kids like Udoka and Bragg (on paper) is only a dream for WichitaStaters. Wiggins and Josh would never go there.

    I wouldnt underestimate a well-coached, fundamentals-heavy midmajor…but I’m calling out Marshall’s 1 true weakness (recruiting). He’s brought in some great kids, for WSU. Including some top100 guys.

    He also bitches about KU a little too much for me to like him personally, but I do think he’s a competent coach, but saddled by his own level of recruiting ability.

    The Bill Snyder analogy is a good one, since he never heard of a “5 star” recruit, but sure does coach-up the bejeezus out of his 0,1,2star collection of guys…(which is why he’s 10-41 against college top20 football teams). Notice Beaty with a bunch of Texas and SEC country 3star kids, and a few 4stars…

    Another comparison I’d like to make is Gregg Marshall vs Shaka Smart. Personally, I think Marshall > Shaka. Shaka hasnt done much the last several years in his own VCU conference prior to bringing his magic act to the big12. While Marshall has dominated the weak MVC.

  • @kjayhawks Lol - what you fail to recognize is that if we hate a particular coach (ok, dislike…) then that automatically makes them a bad coach!! So yes, Marshall and Rat Face are legitimate bad coaches. It’s how I roll.

  • @nuleafjhawk haha you got me there buddy

  • @nuleafjhawk I’m w/you👫

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That’s OK - more than one person can be wrong.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I believe that WSU has tried to join higher rated conferences but it is not an easy task. If they tried to join the Big 12, who do you think would oppose it? My guess is KU and KSU…plus they don’t have football so it is a moot point. Their only hope is to join a major basketball only conference such as the A10 or the Big East but the later is basically restricted to Catholic Schools so not really an option. I am sure they would like to move up buy they are between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I don’t really care

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I was simply responding to your post…

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