Josh Jackson deserves some defensive props vs Baylor

  • I just watched the game again for about the 5th time, someone on youtube has it cut down to 40 min so it is an easy watch. I believe JJ ended up w 1 rebound, seriously? 1? So I went back to watch to see how this happened, and when I did I see it is because JJ worked his tail off defending men much larger than himself.

    When you are playing out of position and having to guard a 7 footer when you are only 6’8" your best friend in the post is to front side them and try to make them throw over you so help side defense can come over and maybe pick a pass or deflect the ball. I watched JJ on every single play, never took my eyes off of him and the man worked so hard. If you ever want to see what a one and done looks like who has “unpacked his bags” JJ is it. He never stopped fighting for position, he never let his man get him pinned down low, he was great at fronting his man.

    The other thing he did so well on defense is his 4 blocks. First off he should have had 5 but one was called a foul and the replay showed a clean block. The thing that can go unnoticed if you just look at the box score is that those 4 blocks lets call it 5 were not against smaller guards, 3 of them were against their 7 footer Lual-aciul, it would have been 4 against him if not for the foul. I mean cmon! that is impressive.

    Jackson made his impact on offense w 16 however it took him 14 shots, most on the team, but his biggest contribution in this game was his effort on the defensive end!

    Oh and I almost forgot, Jackson pulling off his man to double the shooter in the last few seconds was great defense as well.

  • @Jayrawks1 that dude only had 2 boards. Self said josh only had 1 board but blocked his man off so well!

  • Dude is a stud. Best one and done we’ve had the pleasure of watching. The website i write for asked me to make an article ranking KU’s one and done players and he will definitely be at the top of that list.

  • @HawkInMizery we’d be interested in seeing that article!

  • @wissox I’ll definitely post it when i’m done with it. I want to wait til the end of the season so I can get all of his stats included through the tourney and Ih ave a feeling he will be the one and done that brings HCBS his second national championship ring so i don’t want to write it just yet.

  • @HawkInMizery Can you tell us the website you write for?

  • @HawkInMizery

    You should do a story on the NBA All-Star game…talk about unwatchable. No defense whatsoever, when a player drove to the basket the defense would move out of the way to let him dunk, the score 192-182 tells the story and the Unibrow was the MVP scoring a record 52 points; only 16 fouls called the entire game. Even the announcer were saying that players needed to take the game more seriously; I have seen shootarounds that were more exciting. I watch a fair amount of NBA games and this game was not at all representative of what I see, frankly, it was an embarrassment.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I didn’t eveng et to watch it last night I was working. I heard it was god awful and heard pretty much the same reviews about the dunk contest. I rarely watch NBA basketball since KC doesn’t have a team unless a Jayhawk is playing or it’s the NBA finals.

  • @wissox definitely! first link is the main page. Second link is to my author page and has the articles i’ve done so far. I don’t have a lot written yet. I just started writing in December. Working two other jobs and school leaves little time for writing but i graduate next month and that will give me more time to focus on the writing.

  • @HawkInMizery

    Congrats, nicely done!!!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Thank you!

  • @HawkInMizery I get my daily fantasy basketball picks off Fansided. Nice…

  • @KUSTEVE haahaha awesome! Starting to get more of a name. Trying to help grow it.

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