Maybe not that bad

  • Well guys & Gals seems like maybe this team isn’t struggling but yet winning quite to the extent imagined after all, by me anyways.

    Heard this comment on one of the games yesterday so I had to do a little research and sure enough. The comment was made that in Big 12 play - - 73% of the games had been decided by single digits. Goes to show this dam league is just hard. I before was thinking dam we just struggle putting teams away, all our games seem so right down to the end. Then I check and find out it’s not just us this is happening to, EVERYONE is having the same thing.

    Here is the break down in games win or lose decided by single digits: - KSU- - 12 , Texas Tech- - 12 , Texas- - 11 , KU - - 11 , Iowa St- - 10 , Baylor- - 10 , TCU- - 10 , Okla- - 9 , Okla St- -9 , WV- -8 . The only difference is We are winning the close games, credit to us - -I just need a little more faith - - a little less stress lol. - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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