100 Reasons Why Landen Made the Charity Tosses

  • When you hear this you will see why this deserves its own thread…

    As reported by the LJW, our beloved big man, Double L, Landen Lucas, shot 100 free throws AFTER…YES AFTER the West Virginia game Monday night!!!

    What a kid! I vow to never say another derogatory thing about him Again. We all have our short comings, but my goodness how impressive is it to have him head back out to Naismith court to practice after the emotionally and physically exhausting OT epic?

    How did we beat Baylor? Tuesday morning freaking stud Landen Lucas was up at 1:30 in the AM practicing free throws. That’s how we beat Baylor.

  • @Fightsongwriter So much to say about Landen. To have him hit those free throws was HUGE. He sealed the deal, and #13 is now almost a lock (almost). Love him. A guy with limited skills, but a guy who worked so damn hard and listened to the coaches worked on boxing out, rebounding, switching on D, finishing at the rim (his biggest weakness), and knows his role and what he should do and shouldn’t do… he is the essence of what is great about college b-ball. He is a bright decent student athlete, and he is a Jayhawk for life.

  • @Fightsongwriter Make that 200!


    “I knew that was back-to-back games where I didn’t make clutch free throws,” said Lucas. “In the tournament, we might lose a game because of that. I figured I had to stay in the gym until I hit a couple hundred. It was more than 200. It was a lot. I was in there until I felt confident moving forward.”

    That’s senior leadership.

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