Ok friends prediction

  • Line has Baylor by 1.5 so what do you think?

    I feel actually more pressure on Baylor then on us, Baylor knows if they want ANY chance at all of even a share they have to have this today. I think these days off have been good for the guys, get a little rest, something just tells me - -could be wrong, na NEVER HAVE BEEN in my life lmao, well one time when I thought I was wrong, BUT I was wrong. - Anyways I am feeling that this is going to be a solid game today by the guys

    Like I said earlier I knew Baylor would have some little gimmick - just like everyone else when they play Kansas. - - I guess they are giving out free T-Shirts got little pom pom’s sitting in the chairs. - Well at least if you can’t afford a shirt lol - -and you have the pom pom’s for your daughters - -OR SON’s I guess lol

    Me - -KU 81- Baylor 74 - - -EOCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If avg KU effort: close game/OT, etc.

    If focused KU x 40min (like in Rupp at KY): KU by 6-8. This takes into acct a slow KU start in the first few minutes. Same thing happened at KY, but KU ended up controlling entire 4th period, up 8-10 the whole time, and KY panicked. Maybe Baylor’s upperclassmen team doesnt panick, but I’m real curious how KSU (InferiorPurple) actually beat Baylor in Waco?

  • I say we shoot great and the good guys win by 14… 85-71

  • In the first half of the last Baylor game, Motley was killing us. In the second half, the paint double team with Lucas and Lightfoot was amazing. Lightfoot was in there but I couldn’t figure out why. He might be light of foot, but he is tall and fast. the quickness he showed on the Motley double-team was great. JJ continued the double with Lucas for the rest of the game and we made up a lot of points and won. Self is a master of adjusting to respond to the other team’s scouting report. Now, a lot of quicker guards are driving on Svi, How will Coach help him, like he did Lucas?

  • Based on our history against Drew and in Waco…I say KU in a close game.

  • KU in a close game in the low 70s…

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