January 26: Our Daily Threads

  • Also see today’s News Digest (January 26) and News Digest for yesterday (January 25) as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday (January 25) kubuckets.jpg ##OUR DAILY THREADS FOR January 26:##

    ##Three Cheers for Welsh and Shroff! - @drgnslayr##

    The TCU game was not the most-exciting game in Jayhawk history, but it also wasn’t the most-offensive commentated game we’ve had to tolerate either! In fact, the commentators did an excellent job!

    How about a big Jayhawk shout out to Tim Welsh and Anish Shroff for doing the best commentating of a Jayhawk game in years… maybe decades!

    ##Night Hawks Waiting for Another Title - @jaybate##

    Not for rebroadcast, reproduction, re-transmission or re-distribution in any form. Not intended for commercial exploitation of any kind.

    ###StubHub General Admission tickets? -@JayhawkFan1954###

    StubHub is allowing people selling General Admission seats to post actual row and seat numbers and also state that “your seats will be together” even if a person buys 8 or 10 tickets…

    ###Previous days:###

    ###** Jan 25: THINGS TO DO IN FORT WORTH BEFORE THE TCU BEAT DOWN - @jaybate**###


    ~Try to visit all 1,000 natural gas wells tapping the Barnett Shale formation under Fort Worth. Each well site is a bare patch of gravel 2-5 acres in size. City ordinances permit them in all zoning categories. Some wells are secured by masonry fences, but most are secured by chain link.

    ~Skip the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and go straight to the adjacent National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Women already in the hall of fame include Georgia O’Keefe, Sacagawea, Annie Oakley, Dale Evans, Enid Justin, Temple Grandin, and Sandra Day O’Connor. As you view the honor to Sandra Day O’Connor recall It was reputedly at the 1985 National Press Club’s Salute to Congress at 529 14th Street NW in Washington D.C. that Riggins drunkenly told Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to “loosen up Sandy baby” because she was “too tight” when the two reputedly met at dinner.[29] Riggins then reputedly fell asleep under the table.[30] The incident created a national stir.[citation needed] The next time Ms O’Connor and John Riggins reputedly met at a function years later, she reputedly gave Riggo a dozen roses.[31] {The above was found at John Riggins wiki page.}

    ###** Jan 25: tough losses by coach @lighthawk **###

    Thinking of the TCU game last year as a heavy surprise it wasn’t a tough loss, rather it made a point and chance for coach to bring lofty team to reality, get ready for the rest of season and March in March.

    Tough loss by coach: Ted Owens, Wichita State and Texas Western. Larry Brown, Oklahoma AFH & Duke Final Four Dallas Roy Williams, Arizona Elite Eight & Syracuse Bill Self, maybe it was Bill’s 5th loss against Missouri, oops my bad, played MU 19 times and only lost 4 of them, sweet!

    ###** Jan 24: HALF COURT ZONES: CORE VS. TACTICAL USE - @jaybate**###

    “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.”

    –George Patton

    George Patton was a general that spent most of his combat life invading places, not defending places. He had overwhelmed many fixed defenses. Thus it is not surprising that he would use his bold eloquence to say something pithy and pregnant with insight about attacking and scoff at fixed defenses.

    ###Jan 24: Conquering Turnovers - @drgnslayr###

    Bill Self is talking about reducing turnovers -


    A high rate of turnovers seem to be the norm for a Bill Self team. That fact seems to contradict the success Bill Self brings with him every year, or does it?

    Why do Bill Self teams turn the ball over at a high rate?

    ####Jan 23: Picking the Elite 8 - @lulufulu85####

    I want to add a thread for today. Would anyone care to venture a very premature guess at this years elite 8 teams? I say that because IMO the field is still too wide open to pick just 4 teams out of the 20 or so teams that could possibly make it to the Final 4. But, there are some really good teams out there that have started to separate themselves from the pack. Back in November during the time KU played in the Champions classic with Dookie, Michigan St and Kenstinky, I made a guess that that line up could be the '14 Final Four. shakes head Nope, not gonna happen. And without further ado, but a lot of rambling because I work the night shift and I have been up since 6pm yesterday, I will start with my 8 teams whom I think at this point in the season will make it to Elite status.

    ####Jan 23: McDermott VS Embiid VS Wiggins - @drgnslayr####

    John Gasaway, over at ESPN, wrote an op ed called “Top 25 Players in College Hoops”, where he ranked current players based on his own value system for how they impacted the college game instead of how NBA scouts rank players for draft status, based on their potential at the next level.

    Gasaway concluded that the top player in college basketball is Doug McDermott. Joel Embiid finished 9th and Andrew Wiggins finished 21st.

    I was unable to finish reading his story because I don’t find enough value in the ESPN media to warrant paying to read their opinions. But… I’ll go ahead and post my own ideas around this story and the rankings that came from it

    ####Jan 22: Why Self Said FTs Probably Won the BU Game and Some Implications - @jaybate####

    Self said FTs probably decided the game. Why?

    First, KU achieved its apparent defensive objectives. It took away the rim game by guarding hard inside the arc and fouling shots taken there, especially off offensive rebounds, while at the same time giving short jumpers to a team that did not shoot those short jumpers very well. Essentially, KU took away one of BU’s two strengths–inside scoring.

    BU’s other strength, trey shooting first went red hot the first half, then cold the second half to shoot back to its usual still decent trey average by end of the game.

    ####Jan 21: Andrew’s New Mentor; Kobe Bryant - @drgnslayr####

    I caught the following post today and want to offer up some new ideas:

    @Blown - “Wiggins is just a Gorillas Grip on the ball away from finishing those drives. Here to hoping Hudy has a hand strengthener in her fantastic arsenal”

    I think Andrew needs to reexamine his game. I’d like to sit in a video room with him and go over file footage of Kobe Bryant’s NBA career. This is the player that Andrew needs to model his game after.

    ####Jan 21: FLOOR BURN AWARD: KU vs BU - Jan 20 - @drgnslayr####

    I think we can make this FLOOR BURN AWARD short and sweet…

    #####Jan 21: Self Supports Shockers Potential #1 Seeding… - @drgnslayr#####

    #####Jan 21: Some worst case scenarios for college basketball - @jaybate#####

    Also see today’s News Digest (January 26) and News Digest for yesterday (January 25) as well as Daily Threads for Yesterday (January 25)

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