Had to Laugh

  • Man, I was watching well dlipping back and forth between Cincinnati/Smu - - and then the Wichita St/Loyala. Had to laugh at the announcer that was on with Mitch H. doing the WSU game. They were Bragging up Connor how Connor had become the player that they were hopng forwhen he transferred, He had 16 today, didn’t look bad, But then they got to talking about the Big Monday games.

    This made me chuckle - -Mitch says or asks has anyone been any better then Frank this season, then this guy I think his name was Nick Richards could be wrong doesn’t matter - -but he says OH YA I had a chance to watch part of that game yesterday KU/TT – and he says FRANK MASON was great, said unbeivable , he says Every time Texas Tech tried to make a run, Frank had the answer, said he has a sit down and shut up shot, how Frank carried Ku. - - LMAO, I love Frank, BUT what game was he watching? - – -Frank was sick, one of his worst games this year. had to laugh - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Idk that Frank was great bye any stretch but he did have a big driving layup with some free throws and a huge 3 to put us back in the lead.

  • @kjayhawks True but by far Josh was the alpha Saturday and I think actually Josh is who he was talking about and just got twisted around and that’s what made it sooo dam funny - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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