IF there is problem/NCAA

  • Well from what I can tell , If we have a problem or problems that may be our in-doing in the NCAA tourney I feel it may come down to two things possibly.

    The Rebounding, kind of worry about teams that really go to the boards, a team that’s deep, and a team that hit’s the boards hard - - Such as N Carolina where they get 40 % or right in there of their offensive rebounds , and there are others.

    Then the biggest worry is the same thing as it has been all year, which is our defense, able to defend - -just too many open shots, to many straight line drives without any resistence, THIS is the one thing that really bothers me.

    Not worried about scoring, we score the ball well enough, but we have to some how shore up our D.

    Man, and yes I know it’s early, but they did that preview of the top 16. - -If that were to hold true, they sure the hell wouldn’t be doing us any favors - - KU, Arizona, Duke , Florida State that’s pretty solid - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 The defense really worries me…we play good defense in stretches, but overall not that great. TT scored way too much in the 2nd half.