• Well, this whole Baylor escapade just continues. To think about how people jumped ALL over the things which surposedly happened/did happen at McCarthy , while not trying to justify anything that did/might of happened , but this Baylor thing is unbelievable.

    Brandon Washington , the Strength & conditioning Coach was arrested Saturday for encounter of a prostitute , at a Hotel. This is just the latest of things the football program has been involved/accused in.

    According to reports Baylor provided information , that former Coach Art Briles and former athletic director of situations and tried cover up of various infractions. things that have taken place include: - Players doing drugs, Players selling drugs , Pulling a Gun on another student , assaulting another student, Was aware of these situations and never pursued proper disciplinary procedure. McCaw instead of reporting things kept it in house and went to Briles instead.

    Briles and McCaw allegedly discussed gang rape of five football players instead of following procedure. This crap is UGLY, - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Yep, sounds pretty bad.

  • @ralster indeed it does, you know trying to keep things in perspective- -here we hear quite a bit, about our situation and people from across the conference and nation, I’ve been on other boards and people calling KU thugs and oh how KU will cover it up and pay victims off , and ya, da, ya da you know? - When you put this in perspective and NO not trying to justify ANY of it by any means because whatever thing did happen – there is no justifying for any of it - -BUT compared to the problems Baylor is having the things listed above plus the Gang rapes, and the 52 rapes period over the 4 yr period is like day and night. But if you go to the Oklahoma Boards, the Kentucky Boards I could go on and on and they want to call US THUGS? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • To follow up on this a little more, just now read an article from 247 sports which stated:

    The Big 12 stated that it will withhold 25% of future revenue from Baylor pending a review of the institutional governance of the inner collegiate athletics programs… Basically that boils down to, the Baylor athletics was give a 30 million dollar share of the league revenue this year minus the 25% equals out to being penalized they said like 7.5 million.

    The report says the bottom line is - - -in reality the Big 12 conference made merely the illusion of action. In simple terms the Big 12 is withholding revenue from Baylor until a 3rd party review ensures that Baylor has made the necessary changes.

    The Big 12 & NCAA have done NOTHING tangible to this point, leaving Baylor in charge of it’s own discipline., Article says more should be done. Once they feel it has been satisified, and the sanctions are lifted, they can be lifted quickly, the money that was being withheld will be given back to Baylor as it is just being held in Escrow.

    Man how’s that for punishment for the crap that’s going on there? - -absolutely zero pretty much. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY