No Home Court Advantage Today

  • WVU about to lose to the Pokes. Who would have thought that? The top 3 teams in the conference lose to unranked opponents at home. That is unbelievable. I have to fight the temptation to think…Gee if we had won…look at how pretty we would be sitting. But the way it turns out…we are no worse off, in theory, than when we all woke up this morning.

    Sure helps ISU,KSU, and OSU tourney hopes. ISU is now tied for 3rd. Wow.

  • @Hawk8086 This is what I was thinking exactly. – I mean these things for sure doesn’t justify, or make it any better for us, cause we lost. - But just like you I was thinking, actually we lost no ground, doesn’t make our loss feel any better two lost also. What’s so crazy is that the top three ALL lost on their home floors. – The ONE thing it did do was, the teams that was sitting on the fence kid of as far as the NCAA tourney goes - -these wins sure helped their cause.- -K-State, Iowa State, - -Oklahoma St

    The only scary thing is, we have to go to K- State -Baylor - -& Oklahoma St yet, those are for sure no sure wins, kind of fricken scary. I wouldn’t want to put money on any of them.

    K-State is gonna be pumped for the game because of a combination of things: Playing us within 2 at Ku - - Being big Monday - -Winning today at Baylor - -And the off the floor issues that we are going trough, these guys are going to be pumped up - -it’s going to be a zoo.

    We never play well at Oklahoma State - -seem like we play like crap. - Then Baylor just being Baylor. This thing is still wide open.

    I’m still trying to figure out - -WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? – In the 2nd half? – Someone tell me how a team can look really good in the 1st half and then do a 360 and look like total crap the 2nd. – -21 turnovers? - -Dam nd most of those wern’t forced - -they were just sloppy play. - -Then we out rebound a team 19-3 in the first half - and what happened the 2nd? - -I don’t know still shaking my head on this

    Another crazy weekend: -2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 17, - - Question is - - is there REALLY a team that’s just head and shoulders above everyone else? - - Crazy - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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