Motley's Drue vs 7 and a half Eligible Scholarship Players Game Thread

  • Let’s go carve up some zone.

  • @BShark Where’s the game gonna start the friggin app? 2 vs 3 in the nation? Who owns this station anyway?

  • @globaljaybird I know right - its a joke. The KU Baylor game is much bigger than a couple of teams that are middle of the pack in the ACC. Try first row sports

  • NC State has too much talent to be as bad as they are. Bad coaching I guess.

  • Anyone else having trouble with the ESPN app opening up?

  • @HawkChamp The pricks block the app down here in southern misery. Crock of :shit:

  • @globaljaybird I found an above the rim thingy on watchespn that is streaming it.

  • Miraculously, espn app worked for me tonight.

  • Baylor in foot shooting mode already

  • @DanR I just checked mine, not working except for the above the rim thingy


  • Maybe Lucas needs to just flop when those guys plow into him

  • Yeah Motley will be an issue.

  • um, our ball?

  • Now KU in foot shooting mode

  • JJ with a nice bounce pass to a cheerleader

  • @DanR


  • @wissox Thanks sox but even tho my pword is showing on the screen it will not authenticate & makes me hate espn more my the minute

  • We’ve got two live threads going on. Beddie already had one going

  • sounds like we’re on the big screen now

  • If Motley is hitting threes he really can’t be guarded.

  • He was 6-18 on the year coming in lol.

  • Let’s get a rebound.

  • @tundrahok box out

  • @wissox This should be the game thread as the other was an info thread started 15 hours ago.

  • Good of them to put up the Bill owns Bayl0re stat.

  • @brooksmd said:

    @wissox This should be the game thread as the other was an info thread started 15 hours ago.

    Maybe, but more folks on the other one…

  • Ah I figured that was pregame so I made this one.

  • Blabbermouth says Wooden had 13 in a row. So much for knowledge.

  • McClure, Freeman and Wainwright. Baylor has a hell of a team of guys KU backed off of.

  • Coleby with that old man D

  • Go jj

  • Slugfest atm

  • Need more guys to board up

  • Don’t think Bragg is there

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not even on the bench?

  • Need the game to start speeding up. We are faster than Baylor.

  • @tundrahok friend at game didn’t see him

  • Espn would be all over him

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yeah him and Newman are not there apparently.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Espn would be all over him

    Might be the reason for Bragg not being there.

  • Newman should be there

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Allegedly he isn’t.

  • Last I read. He might be there by now.

  • Lightfoot time

  • @BShark likely?

  • Guys trying to make too many passes. Going to have to take shots

  • Come on Vick. Cost us two points!

  • Lucas and Lightfoot you know Self is pissed about the rebounding.

  • 3?

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