• Great kid wish he had been at KU for 4 years.

  • I hope, when his playing career is done, we can bring Tarik back to KU in some capacity. What a great role model for young players hellbent on getting to NBA, with little to no focus on academics as a back-up plan. Here’s a kid who now has his masters degree and still achieved his dream of playing among the best in the world.

    Along with Simien, Tarik is the kind of guy someone like Bragg could hitch his wagon to and someone with whom any parent could be comfortable mentoring their kid. Heck, with his gift of gab and his communication skills, put him out on the recruiting trail.

  • @tis4tim sounds like Memphis

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Tarik is a classy, intelligent, well spoken, caring individual. Makes me proud to have had him on our team and wish that he could have been with us for longer.

  • “I wasn’t just going to let him leave without just transferring what he knew,” Black said. “A lot of people didn’t take advantage of it. They’ll just let a legend like him go and be like, ‘It was awesome seeing him play.’ I’d text him and say, ‘Every trip I need to sit down with you at least once. Have dinner on the plane, anything, with you telling me something. It doesn’t have to be basketball-related, you just have to tell me something.’

    By far my favorite quote of the article. This shows he knows how to leverage his resources to make himself a better person. Love it.

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