• Dam my fellow bud’s and budette’s - - -not to bad , not to bad at all. I mean App State, Townson - -THIS is where this two were first headed and now this:

    Frank Mason - -Finalist for the Bob Cousey award for the top point guard Devonte Graham- - Finalist for the Jerry West award for the top shooting guard - - not to bad - -not to bad at all - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 SOLID!

  • Well here you go, NOW our third member added - -Josh Jackson was nominated for the 2017 Julius Erving Small Forward award:

    So- -Frank, - -Bob Cousey , - -Devonte Jerry West - - -And Now Josh - Julius Erving - -Not Bad:

    The others for Julius Erving: - - Evan Bradds-- Belmont - -Kelan Martin - - Butler, - -Jason Blossomgame - -Clemson- -Jayson Tatum- - Duke- - Dwayne Bacon- -Florida State - -Justin Jackson- - NC - -Dillon Brooks- -Oregon- - Josh Hart - - Villanova &- - Trevn Bluiett- - Xavier - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think if Frank continues to have these 20+ point games with low turnover numbers and runs the team as he has been, he has to be the front runner for NPOY. He is definitely getting a lot of support from members of the media, and deservedly so.

  • I’m sure somebody knows, how were these 2 ranked in high school? Once again, Trust in HCBS.

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