someone explain to me

  • need someone to help clarify for me please. - -need someone to explain how some team - -( Kentucky ) how they were at # 4 - how they can drop only from # 4 -to # 8 when they lost TWICE last week - once to in unranked team - and then to a ranked team on their home floor? - -Even their own fans was saying they thought and they said Justly so that they were probably be anywhere from 12th to 15th. - I’m not saying that low - -but only to 8th? - is it because of the name? - Kentucky? - - do you really think that if it were anyone else that’s where they would of fell? - -not me- - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I think in part they didn’t fall so far because so many ranked teams lost last week I believe 13 did at least once. UK is still a dangerous team if they get stuff figured out. Sometimes the ranks stay about where people think the team will end up at seasons end.

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