Surprisingly, crow tastes good

  • Smoked crow with a dash of salt is a delicacy that is, in my opinion, unmatched amongst the extensive palette that is international cuisine.

    My dinner aside, here’s to the game.

    We were all disappointed about the effort our guys had the last eight minutes of the WVU game, and rightfully so. Then again, we always seem to lose composure at Morgantown. But losses just happen and they happen every year to every single team.

    This win is a great signature win for our guys and is the first step in securing a one seed. Now, they have to take care of business at home against Baylor and Iowa State, which would mean beating two top five teams in five days - pretty good.

    It came at little surprise to me that coach decided to play Dwight and I thought he played pretty well considering that this was his first game action in several weeks on the road against a top ten team. If Carlton comes back, I hope coach doesnt put Dwight back in the freezer. He has pretty good size, experience and just needs a little game action to get back in the groove. I think a combination of Landen, Dwight and Carlton would get the job done just fine and would help provide a few extra minutes of rest for our perimeter players.

    As much as I know it pained coach, I am so glad he went to the zone and shook things up a bit. I thought our guys were pretty tough defensively, moved their feet, forced Kentucky into some tough shots and didnt allow Kentucky a bunch of easy points in transition. As I said earlier, playing a zone every once in a while is nothing to be embarrassed about. Remember, Nova used the zone along with man on their title run last year, which really helped neutralize their lack of size against North Carolina. The zone is something that Self needs to keep working on with the guys in case we need it. Who knows - might need it against Baylor.

    We are starting to get into the time of the season in which Self’s experienced teams start to play their best - typically the beginning or middle of February. We have the upperclassmen and experience to get through this tough stretch and clear it and finish 7-1, with an overall record of 25-2. Guys like Frank, Landen and Devonte have already gone through enough in the previous seasons to not realize what they need to do and what mindset is required to win these upcoming games.

    What I like is we still arent playing at our potential yet here we are in a good spot with resume building wins on the doorstep. After tonight, I like our chances.

  • @HawkChamp he had no choice but to zone it up to protect LL. What’s for desert?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 probably a chocolate milk shake

  • @HawkChamp I’ve been saying all year no way do Ky freshmen guards push our guards around- ain’t gonna happen. Ky has been over rated the entire year, which is why I was extremely confident we would win this game. We freaking out toughed them. Josh Jackson stepped it up a notch or two- that rebound he took away from Willis where he finished with the reverse that gave us the lead at 73-66 was magnificent. The Alpha Dog has arrived. Our guards decided to play some defense. Monk doesn’t even get a shot attempt in 8 minutes. LL has to be the MVP- he is such a great unsung hero for us. He does it all. We outscore Ky in the paint. Almost outrebound them…what??? Self is simply a coaching wizard, and he can beat the Squid with both arms tied behind his back. It almost isn’t fair.

  • @KUSTEVE Got to agree on our guards - -Devonte & Frank had to really tighten the screws last night - -AND THEY DID. - - Neither one got in foul trouble, was just an overall really strong defensive performance. - -You don’t think this didn’t help Franks chances for POY? - it had to 100% - -yes I know still quite abit of season to go - but for sure didn’t hurt his chances - - so tough of kid. What can you say about Landen?- -one word - - SOLID - -that’s it - -nothing flashy for sure - -just SOLID. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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