LMAO, - - -OK - - -OK - - ? i'M BACK

  • lOL, oh, oh, oh I can’t do it, - -I had to get out lol. - Just got out of the Rupp Rafters lmao, oh ny, my ribs are hurting lol. - -All kinds of happy threads and topics. Some samples: Umm, what happened after the first 1`5 minutes? -Comments like - KU should be ranked from 12-15th , lol, We got beat cause Self made adjustments - -Cal - -didn’t – -Mason & Graham smoked Monk & Fox Now you see why we are not a final four team, – just all kinds of goodies - some really funny material, - -wish I could frame the comments lmao. - -I REALLY needed a huge box of tissue to take with me.

    But the comment that sealed it - - The comment was - - SOOO does this mean KU holds the record for silencing the worlds loudest crowd ? lmao - -gotta love it, my ribs are sore from laughing and reading about all the boo-hoo

    One last thing - -I give full props to Frank & Josh - - -BUT what about Landen? - - Major props big fella - – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Just glad we won. Good to go on the road and get the win. Victory taste sweet!

  • Similar comments were posted on this site after last Tuesday night.

  • Is Ashley Judd back from her Washington, DC trip? I wonder what SHE thought of the game? I’m sure she has nasty thoughts…maybe she’d like to share?

  • @ralster

    I doubt if UK wants her anywhere near the arena…Kentucky is a fairly conservative state and she is a “Nasty” girl.

  • @ralster I could only hope lol - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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