And Now for Some Glass Half Full...

  • Here are some positives:

    1. No way in hell Cal knows what to prepare for against KU. Hell, Self doesn’t even know.

    2. This is a super opportunity to turn Josh loose for a 20-25 FGA game and that should guaranty us more OADs.

    3. I believe President Trump may offer to send Federal help to the KU Basketball program.

    4. Ashley Judd is likely to get overconfident and not wear makeup to hhe game and scare the UK players to the point they will not be able to make shots.

    5. When you stop to think about it: DEPTH? we don’t need no stinking depth!

    6. Despite the temptation for UK to run the score up to 160, they probably won’t.

    7. Self may not want to move to the NBA after a season like this: he may want to move to Pitcairn and just hang with the Christians.

    8. Adidas hasn’t make KU wear any tremendously stupid uniforms this season.

    9. Self’s bacon could be saved by his son.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

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