Bottom line

  • Our problemsd really boils down to this - - - DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Was listening to a radio Sports talk out of Topeka. This year we have a 41 ranking in adhusted defense,- - We were 6th last year SIXTHED.

    Like they said you take Seldon out of the equation, insert Jackson, remove Greene and insert SVI - -other then that we are the same as we were last year, Graham, Mason, Lucas, Vick, Svi, Bragg, so there you have it, we are just no cuttin it, they hadd a guy from Bleacher report on talking to him and he said he went back and watched film of teh game last night and like has been said by others – Jackson is really getting beat on the defensive end - -siad he counted where Jackson was directly responsible the guys he was guarding scored 28th points.

    This is the lowest we have ever graded out on the defensive end, got to get it corrected, time to stand up - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Sorry forgot to place this in the original thread but to kind of put in perspective – WV has a better adj defense 9th, - - Baylor has a better adj defense 4th - - Iowa State - -ya IOWA ST, has a better adj defense 16th and then last - - Texas has a better adj defense 26th – this says a lot, we just have to get it fixed - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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