Bulletin: Alford Has Now Modeled His Team on Self Ball

  • I watched a little of the UCLA-Zona game and it was wild watching KU in UCLA uniforms. They run the chop and the weave as much, maybe more than KU. Lots of other similar action. I was so stunned, I forgot to check if he is playing any 4-1. Maybe someone else can chime in. And Steve, despite’s being in one of the mother lodes of basketball recruiting appears to be playing a positively Selfian share of glue guys without 5-stars or OADs behind their names. He has a very typical adidas team. And it has been playing very well. It didn’t look so hot against Zona, though, which is still pretty darned athletic even in Stumpy’s apparent post long stack era. Zona clocked them in a high possession game.

  • Lonzo Ball was a stud though

  • @jaybate-1.0 I saw it too. I also saw the pass into the low post too. I thought it was a KU game for a mili-second. I then turned it off. The only news from this game is #3 went down as well as the Mountbillies.

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