The One Dunk Proves a Player Is Healthy Fallacy

  • Some board rats afflicted with IDS (Injury Denial Syndrome) evidence a gross fallacy in reasoning from time to time.

    They generalize from one event.

    He dunked once, therefore he can dunk any time and he is not injured.

    This is bad analytical form.

    Injured players can often do anything a few times.

    The injury keeps them performing that way all the time.

    They have to conserve themselves, because of the injury.

    Also, during once does not mean that a player can slide defensively on.

    Dunking once implies that he can get up on one leg on the run.

    Effective defensive sliding over the course of a game takes two good legs.

    Dunking from a stand still takes two good legs.

    Dunking all game while jumping off different legs take two good legs.

    One dunk might be a sign someone is improving.

    It is not a sign that a player is healthy.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Are you referring to Devonte? Im assuming thats who it is.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I havent got keen enough eyes for the game to tell if a player is injured or not. The only thing thats a major “tell” to me is shooting percentages. trey and Free throw especially. If they trend down and stay down.

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