Tom Keegan's bit on Naadir from today.

  • If you ask me, its a glaring indictment of Elijah’s horrible plays to end our season last year, and similarly of Coach Self for not benching him. He makes a good point but Oh my wow. Ouch.

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  • @Lulufulu85 Bottom line, Keegs, or no Keegs, Naadir stayed on the floor with a draft choice PG and a coulpe very good 2 guards, when he was at point and wing. I have been a loooooooooooooooong time doubter of Dir, but he has produced. Its not his hot hand; that comes and goes. Its his ability to play well enough on defense that he can be helped. At some point, every player needs help. Chalmers needed help on Aaron Afflalo once upon a time and got it from BRush just like Dir was getting it from Selden, etc.

    Naadir has some problems with assist to TO ratio, but we have learned the last two seasons that KU PGs just do have high TOs, because Self’s Hi-LO offense refuses to set many screens, which means that the wing men and point have to make a lot of high risk passes all game long. Plus, since Self is playing saplings this season and has to K.I.S.S. in schemes, PG Tharpe has to make more TOs than he would if he had a full quiver of press breaking options at his disposal.

    Tharpe has risen to the challenge. The opponents have chosen to overplay Selden and Wiggins of late and that has left Tharpe open. He has taken and made big time shots.

    Nothing runs like a Dir.

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