• @jaybate-1.0 Would you mind elaborating on that a bit for me?

    Here are my thoughts, for better or worse.

    UNC is a brand beholden to Nike. Nike Jordan rules the market. The NCAA wants to punish UNC for outside of the rule book class taking by UNC’s Nike Jordan contract bound players heading towards the NBA. JThey specifically mentioned Football and Basketball in this article. No mention of other sports.

    They, the NCAA, is trying an unprecedented 3rd time to squeeze UNC for $$$. Legal or not it might work against UNC.

    Fake classes do not a student athlete make says Yoda.

    SO, UNC has held the NCAA at bay thus far, keeping them from getting their fair share of the dough raked in by Nike Jordan brand players.

    Is that about it?

  • Banned

    I have often struggled with this issue of the NCAA. It’s creation was to maintain a fair and balanced playing level. It was to protect the integrity of the student athlete. In theory it was a great idea.

    The problem I see with the NCAA is that it’s controlled by to many Alums that have connections to their school and the conferences they play in. In many ways it’s to much like our own federal government. To many cats running around more concerned about filling their pockets with cash and protecting the perception of their image.

    Another grave problem is they make their money off College Basketball. That money comes in at the tune of billions of dollars. Who said College Basketball isn’t a money maker? Well its hard to be fair and blanced when you’re decisions could affect not only the money pie, but upset the apple cart all together.

    Ever wonder why it takes the NCAA so long to react or find a conclusion, a verdict? Notice how a lot of schools impose self bans, by passing the NCAA all together?

    This UNC scandal is an open and close case. UNC broke the cardinal rule of the student athlete. It’s just mind numbing this case has dragged out this long. How many investigations do we need? Hell people in the know are writing books about what took place at UNC.

    The NCAA is toothless, and contrary to popular belief it has no power. It’s time it goes to the wayside. At the very least give back all the money it makes off college basketball. Then we can at least start mentioning the college basketball power houses in the same breath as Alabama and the Texas’s of the college world.

    I would say just my two cents, but I’m broke.

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