What you missed

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    There are all kinds of KU fans. Fans that feel KU should win every game by 25 points. Fans that demand wins no matter what. Fans that think every game is a growing experience. Then there are fans that are just happy that KU won.

    Yet what you truly missed was a thing of beauty. I know the Sprint Center is supposed to the be the second home for the Jayhawks. And though KU has had some success in the Sprint Center it’s hardly a place that KU just dominates. If a team brings their a game? A victory can be had. The Sprint Center is like a site in the NCAA tournament. Sure KU fans will dominate the tickets sales, but they are not the usual fans you would see in a true home game at the Phog.

    So many times KU after a great year of winning a conference championship roll into an NCAA tournament site only to be undressed by a hot shooting lower seed. They come out shooting the 3 like they’ve never missed the shot in their lives. They come out fearless with no respect for the name on KU’s jerseys.

    The game against Davidson was no different. Davidson was hot from three land and KU wasn’t. Davidson was getting easy baskets in the paint as KU was in panic mode from the air attack Davidson unleashed on them. Yet something was different. No longer would history leave it’s mark on this game or this KU team.

    JJ a super star was throwing himself around on the court like a man that has nothing to lose. When in fact he has everything to lose. Yet he’s a pit bull first and super star second. He can’t help himself. He’s a dog and the basket court is his battle ground. JJ is the OAD player us KU fans have always wanted. A stud that cares more about winning than looking good. This kid is a pit bull. Yet it wasn’t just all JJ.

    JJ has two dogs he looks up too. Two dogs who can hold themselves against anybody. These dogs will hunt any timber or back woods. They are fearless. Ghosts and folklore have no bearing on them. Graham and Mason are the dogs that will hunt. If you’ve ever hunted with great dogs, then you know what I’m talking about. When they get a scent, they’re eyes glaze over. They run when they have to. They jog when they have to, and they sprint when they have to. It’s all about the hunt. The tracking and destroying the hunted. You want to see a thing of beauty. Give Mason or Graham the ball and tell them they can’t score in the paint or at the rim.

    Yet it doesn’t stop there. Svi an international kid is learning to be an assassin. If Svi has learned anything from playing under the teaching of Coach. Is it doesn’t start and end with you. Play with in the system and when the time presents it’s explode and take all that belongs to you. Own it and claim it. Svi my KU fans is becoming a man. Sleep on Svi and he will kill you, and he will smile when he’s doing it. This kid is most likely the best at going left or right in the country. Kid is a killer.

    I can and would continue but I feel I’m getting away from my point. Here’s what you missed. Davidson came out on fire. Hitting every shot they wanted. KU came out cold as a witches tit. Yet KU held the fort until the shots started falling. KU didn’t let Davidson get away from them even though the stats showed Davidson should have been up double digits and on the cusp of bring the knock out punch. Yet KU with stood Davidson’s best even when things weren’t going well and won.

    That’s what you missed.

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