Various things/ Coah self/ questions?

  • Well let’s see what comes out of this. - -First just read an article written by Gary Bedore from the Kc star yesterday. He quoted Coach Self from yesterday at the Willams fund Round Ball Luncheon. Coach stated during the luncheon says - - We HAVE to get us a guard - - pressure for a legit guard - -point guard. He is not stupid he knows - -he says With Frank being a Senior, - - he says who knows about Devonte ( I think he has a pretty good idea) - -Self said that N.B.A draft express has Devonte as the 2nd player taken in the 2nd round projected - -this tells me personally I don’t think coming back year will improve his stock much higher then what’s projected right now – 2nd round 2nd player picked. - - Then Coach says as far as - - Mykhailiuk - -who knows, he says with SVI’s parents being in the Ukraine - -they are counting on him - -not sure what that means - -guessing for financial support he is projected self said as the 3rd pick in the 2nd round - - -Again really can’t see his stock raising much higher if he were to return probably about as good as it gets for him Sooo. - - - Then I read from the shiver, that N.B.A. draft Net - - has La Gerald Vick as a 1st round pick next year - - -WHAAAAAA? who knows? -But draft Net - -doesn’t even have Devonte listed - -draft Net is garbage seems like to me - -has Svi just outside the 1st round.

    On another note - -for those who might be interested - -our probable next year player Billy Oreston will be playing on ESPN 2 tonight at 8:00 if anyone might be interested – -check him out, I’m going to.

    The questions? – -Aren’t we surposedly in the lead for Quinton Grimes at this point? or at least that’s what I seemed to be seeing. - -Just found kind of interesting that we are surpose to be leading but yet we are the only one it showed as him not even in-officially visiting, he has already in-officially visited - - Kent , Ariz , Okla , Tex , Baylor , & Tex A&M but not here - - -hmmmmmm? you would think. Ok – anybody? - - Nobody? - - -what’s up with Wooten? - - anybody heard anything AT ALL? - - isn’t it right now at Semester break he had talked about enrolling? – I know he stated that KU was the ONE school he definitely wanted to visit - - Nothing? let me know something.

    Last but not least - - -Read where Jeremiah Robinson put on a sweet show for Coach Self in attendance - - -18 pts, 11 rebounds , 3 blocks , and 2 assists the other night - -hope we can land him - -keep these really good in-state players - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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