Big 12 Media Day

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  • KUSports Media Day Blog: Jesse Newell: 10/22/2013

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  • The Bill Self Comment of Ridiculousness:

    “Self says he never watches tape of his team’s final game of the season after an NCAA Tournament loss. “Why watch it? You can’t get it back. It’s over,” Self said. He said he’s only watched one final game during his time at KU, but he joked that he watched that one a bunch.”

    This is one of the most annoying traits of Bill. Why watch any tape then, if that is your philosophy? Can’t change the past, so we most certainly cannot improve the future…geeeeesh.

  • First time posting here so here it goes…

    In response to @Blown… What i think Bill means is that there is no point to watching the last game of each season because after each season you lose a major contributor to that team therefore the point to reviewing that film is pointless given each team varies year to year in today’s society. I get where you are coming from about the “why is he watching film at all.” Myself as a former college (football) athlete, the point to breaking down film throughout the season is that your team is still current and you can learn from mistake during the season after watching them. You can use film study to help motivate. Again first time posting dont jump down my throat but i understand why HCBS does not watching final game from past season except for '08, but why wouldnt you watch that tape. Rock Chalk

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  • I agree with both Blown and DjChea re: Coach’s comments about rewatching games-

    It is mildly annoying when Coach Self says he won’t watch tape, and he hasn’t only said that about the last game of the year. I believe he said that about the TCU debacle last year. (Although not sure I really believe him.) When the team is in the middle of a season, there’s still something to be gained from rewatching each outing.

    But when the year is over, from a team standpoint, I partially agree with Self. What’s done is done and even if individuals return, the dynamic is different for next year.

    Now here’s where I agree with Blown again: there is still much to be learned from a coaching standpoint. Did I substitute correctly? Should I have implemented a different defense here or another in-bounds play there. For that reason, I gotta think watching every game would add value.

  • The biggest thing I got from today was HCBS saying that AWIII will most likely be the first guard off the bench. I’m pumped for that kid!

  • I agree with both of you guys. I wasn’t really clear. I agree with Self that his team won’t improve from the tape, but maybe, just maybe something else or some other part of the game that he didn’t catch in real time might occur to him, and HE improves just a bit. That’s what it’s all about right? Finding a way to improve incrementally every day?

  • From a coaching standpoint, when I hear that a coach does not watch the tape of the year end loss, I think “arrogance.” I think of a coach that believes that he doesn’t need to improve, and that the failings in the last game of the season lie everywhere except at his doorstep. It’s like a CEO failing to review financials after a bad quarter. Or a doctor failing to review surgical procedure after a failed operation. Whatever.

    But that “thought” may not be “fact.”

    When I made this comment a few months ago, a number of folks pulled out the tried and true … “Self knows more than you do …”, “You’re not the coach of a top college team …”, “Self is God …” – ok, I made the last one up, kind of a paraphrase.

    That being said, simply because Self doesn’t watch the tape doesn’t mean he fails to critique himself. I bet he critiques everything. And I bet he loses a lot of sleep over his decisions. All good coaches are arrogant in the sense that they believe in what they do, and think that it is the “right” way.

    Would I prefer Self to say, “yea, I watch the tape”. Sure. But the most important thing is Self critiquing his decisions and being open minded enough to try to improve. Because he ain’t God … and I’m quite sure he knows that.

  • So Coach Self doesn’t watch one game a year of a team he will never coach again and an opponent that he will never face again. And this is upsetting? Really. It’s a mighty small nit to pick IMHO

  • Yes, it is a tiny nit.

  • And I’m excited for White as well. Great opportunity. We’ll see if he runs with it.

  • I was at the practice and was amazed at AWIII. He looked as if he knew what he was doing in the system and he looked tougher, stronger and much more mature. His shot was falling and he was attacking the rim with a very powerful dunk to start the practice. I didn’t think he would get on the floor this year unless Self thought he was much better on defense. Its like Morningstar once said, he knew he would never get any minutes unless he learned to play defense. A man behind me at the scrimmage who was also a contributor to the old site said he thought the AWIII looked quicker this year. Can Hudy make players quicker? I guess muscle and a proper diet can do just about anything. More than that, I give AWIII credit for working hard and earning this position. I’m still having nightmares of the way we attack the rim when a shot goes up. People are going to get hurt trying to rebound against this team. Only thing weak was the free throw shooting. That is always something Jayhawk fans keep track of.

  • The reports of AW3’s demise now seem a bit premature … now, is there are redshirt?

    Greene or Frankamp?

  • I’m sure as hell not ever watching that season-ending Michigan game again, and if it’s that painful for me, I’m sure it’s worse for Self. Lessons learned, hopefully. If he had all five guys back for the next season, it’d be worth another look.

    I also suspect Self says this to reporters as a way to deflect questions about those games.

  • @lumpy… I thought White looked quicker too. Last year it seemed like he was wearing shoes about three sizes too big.

  • I think Self feels that he knows what went right and wrong without watching the tape…maybe so. White, Traylor…experience always counts with Self, maybe more than other coaches. I also am excited to see what White can do.

  • This season we have Wiggins 6’8", Selden 6’6", White 6’6", Greene 6’7". But next year, we will have White 6’6", Greene 6’7", Oubre 6’6", Selden 6’6" if Selden doesn’t go OAD. Even though Selden is a big boy and also received a lot of hype, I just don’t have the same feeling he will go OAD, unlike McLemore who already spent a redshirt year before going. So we will have the same situation at 2-3 next year. To me it makes sense Greene gets a little taste of what it’s like playing at KU this season, then redshirts next. It really depends on how Selden decides on OAD. If he doesn’t go, we will have junior White, sophomore Selden and freshman Oubre. An experienced redshirt sophomore Greene will be very valuable in 2015.

    It’s a tough situation for Frankamp. From all reports (I’ve never seen any live action), he is lightweight and slow. But he appears to be a smart player and can shoot. I noticed he had the highest assists during the open scrimmage and made 2/3. A redshirt season probably will do him good, and have a chance to work with Coach Hudy before getting some seasoning next year, essentially doing what Greene will this season. So Frankamp probably will not be effective until he is a junior (redshirt sophomore).

  • Lots of schools wanted AWIII. Especially VCU, & others on the East coast. When a streak shooter like that is on, hide the women & children. But with Self it’s always about defense first. Offensively he wants to attack, run, & shoot out the lights all the time, but if you’re going over screens or miss a couple of check offs, it’s the cold seat at the long end of the pine. That’s the short leash we speak of so often with Bill, & is what gets him hotter’n lil’ sister’s behind. JMO.

  • That TCU game was probably burned onto his retinas and he didn’t need a tape to see it again.

  • I was in a complete state of shock during & after the Frog’s game and even in more total disbelief after EJ’s crotch shot vs Michigan. I have seen may, many games through the years that I would never voluntarily ever view again, Texas Western, Dook, Arizona, & those above mentioned are right in that file. But I agree with HEM in that Bill & most all successful coaches are constantly critiquing their skills, whether watching tape or not. Certainly they won’t watch an entire game as painful as Michigan, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t watch any of it. Likely just a comment to a writer to cut off any further voir dire on the matter. IMO

  • oldalum-Have gone to bed several times through the years with raw potato slices on my eyes, but the whole damn state of Idaho couldn’t have helped that bad of a burn.

  • Something tells me Bill Self does plenty of critiquing of himself both during and after games. Do you think he needs to watch tape to realize he should have called a time out or subbed player X for player Y?

    One of the reasons Self is so good is that he is stubborn; he believes his approach is the best way of doing things. As quick as we are to question his stubbornness at times, we have to realize that more than 80% of the time his method IS the best. And, quite frankly, HAS been better than anyone else’s the past ten years.

    Self doesn’t need to watch tape to improve his coaching. He is constantly evaluating himself. The guy sees and remembers everything. The quote is a complete non-issue.

  • Also, no way Frankamp red shirts this year. He is too good of a scorer and a better ball handler than some are giving him credit for. He won’t play a ton, but there will be times when ku needs him on the floor.

    I’m also resisting the AW3 hype train. Yes, he looked improved at the scrimmage and yes he appears to be in the good graces of bill self. But he still bricked a bunch of shots last Saturday. He is very streaky and, with the amount of depth on this team, Self won’t hesitate to yank him when he’s missing. Honestly, I think the stage bothers him more than anything. All we heard about him last year was how great he was in practice, yet he had one of the worst fg% on the team.

    I hope he has a great year, but I’m guessing he will end up under performing. Just a feeling I have.

  • If you ever watch HC Self’s interviews or listen to his radio program, you know that one of the things that makes him such a good coach is his ability to remember every detail of previous games. Sometime he will describe specific plays from games weeks before in minute detail.

    I am sure he does not need to watch tape of the last game to remember exactly how it developed.

    He has never indicated he does not watch tape during the season, and it is done mostly for the benefit of players; coaches know exactly what went on during the game, players not so much and need to be reminded.

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