Interim Head Coach Roose Webless: Memorable Quotes

  • ~Its not whether you win or lose, its how you lose.

    ~A lot of persons want to win. Some have the will to prepare to win. But the will to prepare to lose, that is what separates interim coaches from coaches.

    ~We left it all in the toilet tonight.

    ~I’m proud of our kids: we raised the bar on quitting.

    ~The truth is Xs and Os are not what matters, only the Xs matter.

    ~We worked hard all week at learning to seal ourselves off.

    ~Anyone can come up big and win. The question is: can you come up small and win. We came up small alright, but we couldn’t win it.

    ~We beat ourselves the first half and then we ran ourselves out of the gym the second half.

    ~I try to stage a mock burial of the coach I replace, BEFORE they bury me.

    ~The only thing more overrated in coaching than motivating players is being a good people person.

    ~Five minutes into every game all pre-game strategy is obsolete; so I teach the boys: think nihilism.

    ~Beating yourself hurts less than being beaten by an opponent.

    ~Developing young men is a process…of futility.

    ~I’ve learned it is best to hire the man that will replace you as an assistant, rather than give the AD the chance to replace you with someone better.

    ~A team has to learn how to lose, before it can lose; that’s where I come in.

    ~Defeat instills humility. Humility instills patience. Patience instills distraction. Distraction instills paralysis. Paralysis precedes death. Death is a meaningless void. Remaining optimistic is what its all about.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

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