Beakileaks: How to Beat KU

  • Anyone can be beaten by counter scheming against a weakness and finding an unfair advantage. Kelly Anne Conway entered the history books of Presidential upsets by realizing Hillary Clinton was a “joyless candidate” and telling Pres-Elect Trump he and his campaign needed to be “happy warriors.” Pure genius, Ms. Conway. Great counter scheming has to see the opponent correctly and offer a feasible alternative that works. But you need an unfair advantage too, because the opponent will have one. Something like Crosscheck was reputed to be and like Wikileaks was.

    All teams can be beaten. All schemes can be counter schemed. Not talking about off shooting nights. Talking about catching mice with a better designed mouse trap.

    So how to beat KU?


    Offend through a 4 down low, force Josh to guard the low post.

    Post Frank up inside.

    Make KU bigs slide. They can’t.

    Take 20 treys on kick outs and curl screens.


    Deny long treys: Over guard the Trey stripe to force them to drive.

    Deny short treys: Foul them when they drive before they shoot.



    The above is what KU has to prepare for.

  • Dok has no free throw stroke. It rhymes it must be true.

    I hope later it is, Dok arrived with no free throw stroke.

  • The lucky part for Doke is the NBA drafts on “potential,” so missing basic skills doesn’t inhibit draft rank much. 😄

    33% FT shooting just means he has even more potential to improve than most!!! 😂

  • @dylans

    I agree, his FT form is butt ugly and inefficient

  • Someone with a similar FT problem reached back for an underhanded idea this year…

  • @StLJhawk How is Travis Ford being received there in St.Louis? Why did prev coach leave?

  • How to beat KU: wait a few years- maybe it’ll get easier for you then.

  • Sorry ralster, I’m a one team kinda guy and don’t follow the Sillikins much. Unless your a Cards or Blues fan, you don’t get a lot of press here. Even the Kittens, once they went to the SEC, don’t get a lot of notice anymore, poor kittens. Not.

    However I did read that there was a lot of complaints when they cut away from the LA Rams game last week. The network was surprised because they used to get complaints when they didn’t cut away… turns out a fair amount of people tune in now to watch them lose! These Miserians are a funny bunch.

  • Thank God we’re not perfect. I’m glad we have challenges to overcome- that means we haven’t peaked yet. When we get the front line on the train, and we start shooting 70% from the free throw line, we’re going to be spectacular. Last year, we put on quite a show in many games. Remember when our guys buried UCLA from the 3? We’re going to have games just like that. We’ve got the most prolific backcourt in KU history, imo. Or 2nd most. Wait until Josh settles in…Frank, Devonte…just a group of badasses that can flat play both ends of the court. Add in Vick and Svi, and you’ve got a true murderer’s row on the perimeter. Or down low when they drive to the hoop. We get these other guys on board…wow…wow.

  • @StLJhawk there were not many at the Ksu game, can’t be doing to good!

  • I think the recipe for beating most teams is the same. Execution, getting the other team in foul trouble, win the rebounding battle, make shots and limit open looks. I agree with what Self says about how a team really doesn’t peak in this day, you play 40 games. 5 you play better than you are, 5 you play terrible and the other 30 is who you are.

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