Thank You Bill Self

  • Thank you Head Coach Bill Self, not for getting KU hundreds of wins on your way to 600, but for changing the lives of so many young men across literally the whole world. Jamari Traylor was once homeless living in car, Bmac was stuck in a low income house hold sleeping in the same room as all of his siblings to stay warm. Cole Aldrich’s dad was laid off and not able to support his family anymore. Joel Embiid was just a tall dude from half way around the world trying to make a name for himself to get out poverty. Just a few examples of many while Self is a great coach, Congratulations 600.

  • Really nice post but Joel was never poor.

  • And I was a poor schlub trying to hold my head high and beat my chest during BB season…

  • @ParisHawk Still a rough part of the world no less.

  • link text

  • And thanks to the entire staff for mentoring these kids. FOE

  • @kjayhawks Thomas Robinson and the Twins. What he did with those guys is nothing short of amazing. TRob, tragic what happened to him, Coach Self was basically like his second father. The twins, so raw and rebellious, turned them in to Ballers who stuck in the big leagues.

  • We know from senior pm what Mari and Self meant to each other.

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