YES, I know another thread - BUT

  • ok my friends, yes I know mentioned in others but here is what I’'m thinking. - - Now guys and Gals I’m not trying to start up any big argument or exchange barbs - -just my take sooo having said that, her is what I’m rhinking

    As little as it may seem - -I think Landen & Bragg BOTH took steps forward today. Nothing huge, but I saw improvement. - -Ya Landen was in foul trouble, but tell me which of our big men wasn’t. Now before some may jump to conclussions and think I’m trying to keep Udoka down - -umm no way I want that beast, BUT like has been said we need Landen and Bragg to really help us later this season. Like I said in another site, how quickly how some people want to jump on Landen saying he doesn’t deserve the playing time - -EVEN ME to an extent. Just like last season look at the bashing he took and then later in the year, he was solid, very solid for us.

    Same has been this year, people on him talking smack on him - -justified? - -I’m not here to debate that, what I’m saying is - -I saw improvement in both big men little as it was and yes only ONE game but Landen 8 pts & 7 rebounds not that far from where he was last year.

    We don’t need Landen to score huge right about 8-10 points a game right at 6-10 rebounds a game, we have scorer’s I just think he made a positive move last night – Carlton made a positive step last night and we gonna need them both. - -just my take- --ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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