So what did we learn today?

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    Can run and run. They have speed all over the court. Yet asually they are young. Hit them in the mouth hard enough and they will wrinkle like a cheap suit. Hey they’re still a tough out. You just have to weather the strom, and keep the presure on them. They have a bit of an ego problem. I seen too many UK players screaming bloody murder when the refs didn’t give them the call or called the call on them. Not a mark of a serious champion. You can get under their skins.


    Folks this team is the real deal. They have bonafide captian of the ship that doesn’t mine passing the ball. The bench is deep and they come at you in waves. They can play fast but prefer more of a half court game. So you can speed them up. However that might come at a price as they do have shooters all over the floor. They can stay in most games as they shoot the true fools gold in the mid range jumper with much success. Really the only weakness I seen was a fast team can cut through thier difense like a hot knife through butter. They don’t get back fast enough on defense. Could be their achilles heal. However they do have the offense fire power to hang with anybody.


    deserves all the love they can get. Hey they are the champions. Yet they are living on past dreams and success. They caught lightening in a bottle last year. Their clock is ticking. Look for a Pitt type season. Kick butt all season then fall before the sweet 16. Yes you heard me correct.


    is the wild card boys and girls. They can do it all. The inside play needs some work, but you can see it coming. From the outside they have no equal. When you have players like Svi and Vick coming off the bench are you kidding me. These two would start for anybody else in the country. Yes even Kentucky. Look I know I’m being homerish here. Yet when you have most likely the best player in the country JJ getting floor burns. Man that makes the old stomach giddy. Not to mention this team can play some serious defense. Only weakness is freethrows and refs. This team misses way to many freethrows. It is a serious hazard. We all know how some refs can be. They think the game is about them and not the teams playing. The ref thing may not seem like a big thing, but we all know when it comes to tournament time, they can be a game changer. Good news though is that KU seems not to allow the refs to determine the outcome of the game or how they are going to play. Today’s Stanford game though a downer of a game really showed that. You didn’t see KU players crying, they just did what they had to do to win.


    Are fucking kidding me. They’ll be there because of the refs and Espn.

  • Baylor also is good but their only real win this year is Loserville. Oregon is not the same as last year and what has Xavier done in the last two years to deserve a top ten ranking?

  • @DoubleDD Heard about UCLA beating UK in their house. Personally, I like our chances when we play them.

    Nova will not repeat. No way. Too many other great teams. Nova isnt gonna surprise anyone this year.

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