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    Follow your board rat host, jay bate 1.0, hunt down OAD recruits drafted on potential that disappeared first into the D-League and then into foreign ball, or WORSE!

  • Starring…(drum roll)…Juuuuuuliannnnn WRIGHT!

  • I know not a tru OAD but still…

  • @Fightsongwriter

    We’ll count him.

  • Whatever happened to Selby? Could have used him against VCU for sure.

  • @wissox Agreed. Josh Selby is my poster boy for this phenomenon of OADs that think they are OADs but their 1st college yr is not, but then leave anyway.

    Ive picked on Selby many times before, bucketeers can recall my idea: In Yr2, Selby, now healthy, could have used all the FREE publicity & TV time that a blue blood like KU gets, to make himself a true 1st round pick! But therein lies the problem–Selby too stubborn to get that, too stubborn to get coached, thus he is probably simply mired in his own destiny right now anyway. Its his doing.

    footnote: Selby averaged 33+ppg in the summer D-league right after he left, obviously foot bone stress fracture healed…but who? watches the D-league? He got scouted and an invite to a team, but clearly his ability to take coaching landed him squarely in China, where nobody (in the USA) watches that ball. But, I wish him the best, maybe he’ll eke out a 6fig salary the international route like Langford did and RussRob, etc…

  • Julian Wright. Unfulfilled potential. But it seems he truly found happiness outside of the game of basketball. Rather quickly. People always joke “what would you do if you won the lottery?” Julian chose music. He may be a very interesting guy to talk to and get to know outside of basketball.

    The flipside spin is: Do we win in 08 if JuJu was still on the team? He led the Jayhawks in 07 in turnovers. As RussRob said, “well, with Juju, you never really knew what he was going to do with the ball”. Which may have created hesitancy amongst the team. By subtraction, we saw the heights and standards that 08 team set regarding turnovers, efficiency, etc…Every KU team since is trying to live up to them. We can still credit Julian in a way, for helping that team grow and learn just a bit more.

  • @wissox and @ralster

    Imagine what a healthy Selby could have done on a 4 guard 1 center team like the current team!!!

    Selby was as great a wasted talent as I can recall among KU players. A potentially great Bordeaux opened before it’s time. Really sad it’s being guzzled off shore.

    His handlers ought to be charged with Crimes Against Basketball!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Would have been good to add Josh Selby to Tyshawn and EJ vs KY…but it would be hard to go 4+1 when you have Withey’s rim protection + TRob’s power. What a duo inside that was! We shot ourselves out of that game from 3, and we also missed 3 dunks…but that team had a habit of falling behind all season, being nicknamed the Comeback Kids…so their tendencies caught up with them.

  • @ralster


  • @ralster

    While Wright has been enjoying producing music, he has been playing overseas every year since his time in the NBA

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