Identity Basketball

  • • LAGERALD GOES LAWILD!–Vick shows the mark of a great player. After an off game he comes back BIG. The guy is now beyond consistent. He is consistently dangerous.

    Frank “32rd degree” Mason–Frank shows he is again the eye in the capstone overseeing and looking out for the team pyramid. 8 assists and 6 reebs is now his version of an off night.

    • KUDOKA BECOMES KUPOSTA–Every team need a BIG man–a guy who moves around like he runs the junk yard, like give him the ball and he will put his man in the crusher and dunk the suckuh! KUDOKA is the guy who does not have to get mad to stare down opponents. We found our big man for the first 5-7 minutes of each half–a guy who sets some tone and stability that offsets these other four high flyin’ birds. He will struggle against true D1 bigs, but whenever he can stay out of foul trouble and so be a load the opponent has to worry about Self bringing back in, he is THE POSTA! But don’t rim hang please. Coach K will ref bait that to a T.

    • DEVONTE IS STILL NOT THE FULL MONTE, but he’s inching back to the razor’s edge each game. Maybe he is dealing with everyone in D1 stealing his “do” this season!!!

    • JOSH “THE SHOT WILL GET UNTRACKED” JACKSON–he may be the first floor game OAD, and that’s amazing, but look for him to supernova the night the Trey falls!

    • LANDEN BRAGG aka CARLTON LUCAS–post fusion is buying these two studs time to get healthy and find their games. They are now in GETTING BETTER 101 and will be forces by January, wheels and knees permitting. Their committee is already a double double guy, gimps and all!!!


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