• Pick your opponent.

    What would Frank’s numbers look like with 20-25 FGAs!!!

    Come on, Coach Self, the guy deserves a branding game as much as Andrew, BenMac, or any OAD!!!

    Every great senior should be given a brander!

    Hell, let him break Bud Stallworth’s record. Give 30-35 FGAs on a hot night and Frank could break it in his sleep!

    It would guaranty he were drafted first round.

    Go, Frank, go!!!

    P.S.: No disrespect to Isaac either. He did his without the Trey!

  • What the hell!!!

    Give Frank two OAD branding games, like all the OADs (the ones good enough to start) are given.

    Frank would hang 40 in each game and probably ramp up to a lottery pick!!!

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